Shri Yamunaji is capable of giving all kind of achievements. If some evil person, drinks water from Yamuna river to quench thirst, she blessed that person also. And Shri Mahaprabhuji asks us to bow her. Her physical state as a river is also very attractive and charming. Only you are capable of doing so.

yamunashtak namami yamuna maham

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yamunashtak namami yamuna maham

I wish that this type of Shri Yamunaji, who can take all worries of her devotees and who is also favorite to Shri Krishna, come and stay in my heart and soul forever.

She is favorite fourth queen of Shri Krishna.

Chanting this shloka with pure and honest yamunastak gives tremendous mental peace and eternal happiness. Shri Yamunaji, I bow to you with my full body and heart. Your devotees can become favorite to Shri Krishna just like gopijanas who became favorite by doing “Katyani Vrat.

Shri Yamunaji is capable of giving all kind of achievements.

Just by drinking your water in Vraj, we do not have to worry about painful death. So, if we pray her with knowledge and understanding, we should not be surprised if she blessed us also.

Yamunastakam Lyrics and Meaning

Shri Yamunaji is a daughter of Sun and victories. Shri Yamunaji blessed her devotees with eight fold powers. Shri Gangaji evolved from the lotus feet of Shri Bhagavan.


Shri Yamunaji is the yajuna of divine Sun. Whenever Shri Yamunaji comes to earth from heaven, she blessed the whole globe. Shri Yamunaji blessed Kishoribai with all divine fruits. There are holy pilgrim places like Mathura is on your banks. It also gives impression as Shri Yamunaji is swinging in best king of jhula.

yamunashtak namami yamuna maham

Whoever always sings this eight hymns of Shri Yamunastak with happiness and pleasure, will get following fruits. Her purpose for coming to earth from heaven through Kalind mountain is to bless her devotees.

Yamuna Mantra (Namami Yamuna Maham) Song – Download Yamunashtak Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Even, Gods like Shiv, Brahama praises you. I bow to above described Shri Yamunaji with my full love and nmaami. Shri Yamunaji is also yamunashtaak by two kinds of vraj devotees. Her physical state as a river is also very attractive and charming. And Shri Mahaprabhuji asks us to bow her. Also, there are various kind of gardens of the both banks of the river. Your divine character is very wonderful. Shri Namamj, you are like Shri Laxmiji, who has good fortune.


Shri Yamunaji, I wish that you give me such a blessing that it gives peace and happiness to my mind. This first shloka describes the physical state of the river. Its both banks are full of glittering sand which is believed to be as soft as lotus feet of Shri Murari Prabhu Shri Krishna.

Yamunashtak Lyrics

Also, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes the physical existence of Yamunaji as river. You are capable of granting wishes to devotees like Dhruv and Parasher. Shri Yamunaji, who is favorite of Shri Mukund Prabhu, I pray to you to give me divine body which can be used in Shri Bhagvad Leela yamunasgtak also to serve you.

Due to her blessings our mind and thoughts becomes favorable to serve Shri Krishna. Shri Yamunaji made Shri Gangaji capable of giving yamuma achievements to the serving devotees. She is so kind that even she blessed evil spirited people.

yamunashtak namami yamuna maham