The greenmseg link was provided just to show the meaning of word “vishnu”. Therefore, this Shloka is offered to the God of the mind’s choice. Usually, almost everywhere, the following Sloka in bold is used for that purpose: It is a compilation of popular shlokas from Vedic literature dedicated to. Here is also a verse of Mahabharat which tells Ganesh is omniscient. Even the omniscient Ganesa took a moment to consider; while Vyasa, however, continued to compose other verses in great abundance. Some people think it’s about Ganesha, because Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and they think “vishnum” is being used in the literal sense of “pervading”.

vishnu stuti shuklambaradharam vishnum

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vishnu stuti shuklambaradharam vishnum

The media shulkambaradharam you download with rsymedia. Everyone knows Ganesh is omniscient. Hover cursor on vishnum in the shloka to see what the meaning is.

“Vishnu Stuti” – Shuklambaradharam Vishnum | ReligiousKart

Your answer is wrong. However this sloka as Dhyana for Vishnu is explictly mentioned in scriptures.

The greenmseg link was provided just to show the meaning of word “vishnu”. KeshavSrinivasan but it is for Lord Ganesh Hinduism Stack Shuklambaradahram works best with JavaScript enabled.

I have provided a link in my question which clearly proves that the said sloka is in fact the Dhyana Sloka for Lord Vishnu.

Hindu Mantras:

Aushadam chintayed vishnum bhojanam cha janardhanam shayane padmanabham cha vivahe cha prajapatim yuddhe chakradharam devam pravase cha trivikramam Narayanam thanu thyage sridharam priya sangame dusswapne smara govindam sankate madhusudhanam kaanane naarasimham cha pavake jalasayinam jalamadhye varaham cha parvathe raghunandanam Gamane Vaamanam Chaiva Sarva Kaaryeshu Madhavam Shodasaitaani naamani prathuruddhaya yah padeth sarva paapa vinirmukto vishnu lokai mahiyati Viishnu – Minakshi mazumdar.


But you can use it if it refers to four handedwhite complexion and white clothes and vishnumm remover The Earth is His feet, and the sky His navel.

Suklam Baradharam Vishnum Slokam Mp3. The Vishvaksena interpretation makes some sense considering that the very next verse yasya dvirada vaktradya continues sshuklambaradharam praise of Vishvaksena.

Download Vishnu Stuti Shuklambaradharam Vishnum Mp3

The Dhyana Shloka is: Directions are His ears, and shuklambarafharam Heaven is His head. Even the omniscient Ganesa took a moment to consider; while Vyasa, however, continued to compose other verses in great abundance. But that is clearly wrong IMO.

vishnu stuti shuklambaradharam vishnum

In Him is situated the universe with diverse kinds of Gods, men, birds, cattle, serpents, gandharvas and daityas demons – all sporting in a charming way. This video is just fan made inspired by the show and for promotion purpose! Fire is His face and ocean His abdomen. Wind is His breath, and the Sun and the Moon are His eyes.

Shuklambaradharam Vishnum: Lyrics (Sanskrit+English) meaning in English: download Mp3 Audio

Its more like a comment in it’s present form. How beautiful these shlokas are Also,almost all Dhyana Slokas of Ganapaty atleast mention one of the prominent features of Him viz-big belly ,curved tusk,one toothed etc in them. I don’t vishny anyone can. Based on this page and this page”vishnum” is not for Lord Vishnu; but it means “who is all-pervading or omnipresent”. If anything it might provide evidence against the notion that it’s addressed to Ganesha, because it would be strange if a verse to Vishnu was sandwiched between two verses to Ganesha.


So they are treating it as Lord Vishnu’s sloka shukklambaradharam not sri Ganapaty’s. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Also, I have heard the argument made that in Panini says that even though vish means to pervade, the word vishnu can only be used as a proper noun, not as a common noun or an adjective, so any references to that word have to refer to the god Vishnu. Also,as anyone can see,its not surprising that the Sloka can very well be mistaken for a Sloka of Vishnu.

vishnu stuti shuklambaradharam vishnum

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