Never claim to be an expert but if you cannot get green led to light up you either need to J-tag Dreambox or replace faulty component If box is DM clone be better to buy new box: Don’t mind them bullies on here. Is it possible to use a crossover cable instead of a null modem cable, thee seems to be conflicting opinion on whether it is a good idea? Find all posts by marce. If the problem is with the drivers being incompatable a more expensive adaptor will make no difference. DreamUP for all units.. Patience is the key and try other versions of Dreamup if 1.

universal dreamup v1.3.3.2

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DreamUP (All versions) – Dreambox Tools

I think this ia OEM or duplicate from China. Which image is the best one for the C???

For my DMHD, i still not solve it yet although i strictly follow the steps given. It used to work fine an I have flashed it successfully unviersal ethernet using FlashWizard Pro before. If this is same as DM? Nothing is happening tried to unplug the power supply on and off but it’s useless. A desktop computer will allmost always have the correct 9 pin connection but a laptop in most cases will not have the 9 pin connection,hence you then require a usb to serial adaptor.


Anyone heard abt c? No need to be fancy, just an overview.

universal dreamup v2009 download

All these does not help at all, please advice me on this. Maybe you could try this uniiversal ensure is a null modem cable.

universal dreamup v1.3.3.2

It is not booting. You might need this software http: In order to get the sky channels you need whats called a c line,just so you understand here is an example of what a c line might look like C: If someone has problems using a usb to serial adaptor its not the fault of the dreambox,its down to the drivers required.

However, I have success dreajup flashing using another Universwl version 1. Once you have universaal control center downloaded and setup do the following: So i think it is a good sign.

I’ve tried using one but can’t get it to work. So i check with the seller but he said that the Dreambox is being lock by the main supplier and they wouldn’t know the password too. Do you guys experience a frequent lockout on DMC?

Yes just follow tutorial to the letter. Find all posts by wij. I had other things to be doing, but I couldn’t shun him he was in such a state.

universal dreamup v download

Traders over there often lock boxes before selling them on. BR Kev a dmc is for cable the c stands for cable so the dmc will be of no use unless you have access to a private cable server and even then you likely wont be using universl. I try using v1. It’s already frozen how can I find out pls advice. And am accessing using RS converter thru my laptop but the dream up is unable to detect any com port. A standard RS cable will drea,up straight through.


I have waited for a few minutes but there is no ‘Box attached and Ready’ message.

universal dreamup v1.3.3.2

However, without the adapter, drreamup did not detect or use any COM. Pls pls help me. There are one or 2 other methods that can be used to flash your box that are a bit more technical. However, without the adapter, it did not detect or use any COM.

Hence, I wasn’t able to flash my dreambox.