If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page. DiS meets Lauren Laverne. But, the arrangements are at times gorgeous and when he gets it right, he really gets it right “No Fireworks”. BBC Review An overblown, almost absurdly confident and superbly affecting record. The indie game has changed. Submit Your Photo Title. Joy As an Act of Resistance – Idles.

tim kasher the game of monogamy

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What the Game of Monogamy occasionally lacks in hooks, it more than makes up for in style.

The Game of Monogamy | Tim Kasher

Saddle Creek Records Release Date: Create your account Finish Sign Up. Kasger The World Sounds: Find out more about page archiving. Nonexistent bass lines and poor production and mixing choices detract from an emotionally intense record.

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tim kasher the game of monogamy

Drowned in Sound’s 15 Favourite Albums of In The Flat Field: So far into his career this record might easily be overlooked, yet given the chance it’s both a moving and rewarding listen. Negative Capability – Marianne Faithfull. mlnogamy

tim kasher the game of monogamy

The theme is similar to what has been sung before but there is passion and some moments that come alive. The Future Of Radio. Lacerating sentiments clash with pretty sounds as Kasher holds forth on his “death wish,” detailing the foibles of prodigal husbands.


Musically, Kasher is all over the place, laying down enough staccato horn sections, sweeping strings, and quirky time signatures to give Sufjan Stevens a run for his money.

The Game of Monogamy – Wikipedia

Chris – Christine and the Queens. We hear strings, horns, woodwinds and all manner of compositional flourishes that rather sound like tin could have been touched by Andrew Lloyd Webber honestthe brilliantly overblown scale yhe The Prodigal Husband shining as a particularly strong example. Chunky as it is, the titular concept is grand enough to warrant the indulgence of the extra instrumentation.

If lacking a little in variation, The Game of Monogamy builds a detailed relationship profile evoking great melancholy and empathy for both central characters. Kasher then juxtaposes it with a gusto-riddled gospel rock acceleration to accentuate the theme of encroaching manliness, proving his knowledge and use of dynamics is sympathetic to his subject.

More Blood, More Tracks: All this publication’s reviews. Monogamy falls somewhere near the bottom rung. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity.

DiS meets Lauren Laverne. Without the Cursive name behind him, Tim Kasher is, sadly, not much of a player.


Room 25 – Noname. While this could easily have been a miserable and depressing listening experience, the record is lifted by some lively and uplifting instrumentation.

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As poetry alone, it’s interesting, but the music’s elegance make it something more. Probably the most difficult part of the album’s lyrics are the lack of romance and pessimism, although life can suck its nice still to long and desire for something more or different but the songs have some reflective depth nonetheless.

The sweeping, melancholic strings and woodwinds were even performed by the Glacier National Symphony. An overblown, almost absurdly confident and superbly affecting record. Yes, The Game of Monogamy is conceptually a scathing, doubtful, near-mocking account of the common commitment made between one man and one woman.

tim kasher the game of monogamy

It shrieks rock bombast, and then whispers over flute countermelodies before exciting the whole thing again and building to wonderful climax. Cocoon Crush – Objekt.