I suggest that you may take up the matter with the government Personnel and Administrative Reforms department because it is for the government to issue general instructions to Public Information Officers and other authorities. Petitioner can send his application by post or deliver it in person addressed to the concerned PIO. If at any stage the RTO insists of bribe, what are the provisions available to the citizens of india to complain and to whom the complaint should be directed to? If so, kindly provide the link since I would like to have the following information routed through RTI. I have an one doubt.. How can I apply via online please give me the necessary details about apply online for rti Answer: In either case, you may ask when the degree certificate will be given or when the convocation will be held.

thagaval ariyum urimai sattam in tamil

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Please reply me sir kindly do the needful Answer: Whether Indian postal money order payment option has been removed from RTI fees payment options? If two means one original and another xerox copy or both should be original.

Tamil Nadu Information Commission

I am insurance claims investigator. Please send the petition addressed to Public Information Officer of the Office to which you sent the application for patta. The petitioner is advised to file a petition under section 6 1 of the RTI act, requesting to provide the information required to the Public Information Officer of the recruiting office concerned.

It has to be sent by post or delivered in person to the PIO concerned. When I went to university to get the convocation there is no proper response.


Question Answer Forum

RTI applications are handled by a designated Public Information Officer who can only give copies of documents available with him. There is no provision of online filing of RTI application. There is no provision for filing RTI application online in aritum State. Please respond to my questions at the earliest.

O available please mention that too. The Information Commission regrets it is not in a position to offer clarifications of this nature.

thagaval ariyum urimai sattam in tamil

I have an one doubt. You may bring your son for your assistance and make a request to the Information Commissioner hearing the case to allow him to assist you.

Please advise the procedure of doing the same. Postal money order and Postal order are different.

Kindly provide me the detailed postal address from whom I can get information under RTI act for Coimbatore District resident by return mail. Also provide her eligibility to TET exams will with G. The address of the commission is.

Whether one or two.

தகவல் பெறும் உரிமைச் சட்டம்-Thagaval PerumUrimai Sattam

In some cases, instructions wriyum already been given by the Commission that Section 5 4 can be used in which case, the official who receives the request will be deemed to be Public Information Officer. If you know the department which issued the letter, address the Public Information Officer of the concerned department in the Secretariat Please see: I want to know the details of Tamilnadu giving subsidary for ladies scooter scheme The address mentioned in the driving licence is chennai and the address in my passport is Dharapuram, Tamilnadu.

What is the total fees which i am required to pay for IDP? He may not be in a position to offer clarifications. My current residential address is at Tiruchirappalli and as proof of current address, I would be able to provide gas connection bill and employer letter i am a central government employee. Do you want the degree certificate or the date of the convocation?


You are advised to file first appeal as laid down in Act and then move the Commission on second appeal. If you do not get a response in time, you may send a petition under RTI Act, affixing a ariyyum fee stamp of Rs 10 to the PIO Public Information Officer of the concerned University, asking for information on the action taken on your email or petition you first sent.

It would be highly appreciative if you could provide me with the name and address of the concerned PIO at chennai.

thagaval ariyum urimai sattam in tamil

aritum I have applied RTI to Rasipuram municipality corporation through registered post,in that I have attached Indian postal order of rs.

But Ariyhm refused that postal money order stating that ‘it has been removed from payment options’ and he considered my RTI application as ordinary application and he replied.

What are the disciplinary actions taken against PIO for providing such wrong information? If so, kindly provide the link since I would like to have the following information routed through RTI.