A few of the songs are plagued with moments of either overproduction or convolution. WadeO – John Giv Next article. Poet Deliver of Content: Ultimately, the album is a success. Conclusion Bonfire is a musical gem. Why do we feel this incessant need to typecast and pigeonhole?

spzrkt bonfire

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spzrkt bonfire

He is a great storyteller no doubt. Forth Tweets My Tweets. WadeO – John Giv Next article. I thought it was a cool idea to use a fairly recognizable place of community to draw as bofire muse for this spsrkt. What does that mean? And within each genre there are assumed rules that the artist is supposed to follow. Ultimately, the album is a success. Many want to describe it as nirvana, but those who know The Lord know where that joy comes from. That communion around the fire draws out the deepest thoughts of bonfiree person.

After listening to the album I think I agree with most of these comments. The blending was great and it allowed you to really sink into the songs as they played. Standing Brazenly in the Face of Genre Why do we feel spzrkr incessant need to typecast and pigeonhole?


Previous article Today’s New Releases. This scorecard is created by the staff of ForthDistrict and grades are given after much debate and discussion. The Path to Education with Dr. What do you do with that? Art Music September 8, He has already had a slew of mixtapes and EPs, which have garnered him notoriety within the CHH genre — grabbing features and placements with some top names in CHH.

And of course, being out in the natural elements can be some of the strongest times of communion with the Lord. This would have been a great opportunity for a collaboration or even just letting the beat ride out.

‎Bonfire by SPZRKT on Apple Music

The BottomLine Ultimately, the album is a success. Instead, I encourage you to just sit back, listen, and enjoy.

spzrkt bonfire

You can press play, turn up the volume, and jam along through the entire thing. And even though you expect it from Spazz, it has risen to another level of quality. This is a good review.

The sounds vary from modern hip hop to pop without losing any of its industry standard intensity. A majority of the choruses have a groove that automatically make you want to sing along.

Whether you can sing as high as he can or not is another story, but you can learn the words quickly. It truly is the soundtrack of our lives and makes you wish you were listening to it live. About Us contact Us Shop. With his official debut album BonfireSpazz looks to eliminate one of the the responses to his name altogether.


But to not be pigeonholed into one specific style of writing, and to show his diverse range of artistic ability, SPZRKT purposely focuses on different topics in his songs from project to project. Bonfire is a musical gem.

SPZRKT ‘Bonfire’ Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

The Atmosphere of the Bonfire When listening to this album, while Spazzy is singing the entire time, you can imagine a group of people sharing their own personal stories of life, as the songs transition through the project. Its eclectic sound is refreshing in a musical landscape that thrives off imitation and repetition. And the same is true with music.