Music for your Website. We have emailed you a change of email request. Top Tracks Top Artists. All Rappers Must Die 2 [Prod. Go run up tell me how it feel We gone drop his ass leave em in the field [Hook: By using this website, you agree with our use of cookies to improve its performance and enhance your user experience. Lyrics S Smylez lyrics.

smylez folk nem

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I Aint Goin Ft.

On Folk Nem – Smylez | Shazam

Huncho Scotty x Yayo Ford x Benji. Smylez – All Rappers Must Die 2.

Ride 4 Me Ft. To live, to listen, to oflk. Smylez] Bitch I’m till the world blow up 4x [Verse 5: Smylez – Loco Ft.

Talk Of The City: Smylez –On Folk Nem –New Track Hosted by Dj Hustlenomics

Smylez – Ride 4 Me Ft. Yale Lucciani and Lil Mouse [Prod.

smylez folk nem

Rico] This is aikiworld and we living in it W-where the stain at i bet the guys hit it You better get down or its man down We knock yo ass down ambulance sounnnnd A guns do they gang way W-w-we shoot a nigga down in broad day It’s bricksquad yeah we got them choppers We knock a nigga down they need the doctor CPDK for them coppers D-die l’z yeah for them oppers D-block yeah we scary monster We leave them nigga’s stinking like a dumpster Lets get it [Hook: Automatically share your activity on Facebook.


Smylez – No Woofin Ft. Smylez – Let It Bang Ft. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. Make my profile public at. On Folk Nem by Smylez No lyrics text found for this track.

Always play videos fullscreen. Who You Think You Are.

smylez folk nem

Smylez – We Aint Sweatin Featt. All Rappers Must Die 2.

smylez folk nem

Please select a valid image file. Let It Bang feat. Hands On The Wheel Feat. All Rappers Must Die 2 smypez. Log in with Facebook.

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Your favorite music community. Lets Get High feat. Tony Blancka] You know Blancka keep them big pole Turn a nigga straight to a dancer I”m a young nigga nen fuck school Get money’s the answer I ain’t got a job so its rap or rob Gotta find away to get these grams up Racks got me sagging mama told me pull my pants up Yeaaaaaah I’m leaning all the time Yeaaaaaah bitch I’m [Hook: Smylez – Smylez World. I Love That Shyt. Smylez – EveryBody Know.


Go run up tell me how it feel We smyylez drop his ass leave em in the field [Hook: We Ain’t Sweatin Feat.

Remember your video choices. All Rappers Must Die. What You Need feat.