A pointer to a buffer that receives the value’s data. SamGoody 8, 8 57 What service pack do you have installed to your XP installation? The error is exactly the same for all. For a list of the possible type codes, see Registry Value Types. Do not be surprised; this is normal behavior.


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RegGetValueW function

shrefgetvaluew A pointer to a buffer that receives the value’s data. A pointer to a variable that receives a code indicating the type of data stored in the specified value. When the function returns, this variable contains the size of the data copied to pvData. A handle to an open registry key. How do I deal with the error?

Suma I’ve rewrote the question. I’ve been forcefully told that is incorrect, but still can’t get VS to work. Sheeggetvaluew any case, you should check the documentation first and then search Google.

If the data type of the value does not meet this criteria, the function fails.



This parameter can also include one or more of the following values. The error is exactly the same for all.


This is because the size of the performance data can change from one call to the next. When uncommented, the code does not exit with that error, but throws a different error: I’m not sure what is going on there. Debugging information for Test5.

In this case, you must increase the buffer zhreggetvaluew and call RegGetValue again passing the updated buffer size in the pcbData parameter. Repeat this until the function succeeds.

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This shreggetvsluew must be a subkey of the key specified by the hkey parameter. Sign up using Email and Password. In this case, the contents of the pvData buffer are undefined. A pointer to a variable that specifies the size of the buffer pointed to by the pvData parameter, in bytes.

Local database problem

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VS can certainly be used to write Windows 7 programs, and those will not run on XP. And why does the program still not work? I have tried replacing the RegQueryValueEx function with the following three other methods, one at a time.

Visual C++ err: RegGetValueA could not be located – Stack Overflow

So again, the question sherggetvaluew be clear: Keys do not automatically have an unnamed or default value. Unnamed values can be of any type. I’ve added the following header: Sign up using Facebook.

There is certainly an advapi You need to maintain a separate variable to keep track of the buffer size, because the value returned by pcbData is unpredictable. The name of the registry key.