Mine are just Ku. One channel at a time would take forever anyway. PayPal and credit cards are accepted. What we are wanting to do here is combine two ACTIVE satellite files, 1 that is ku and another that is c band into one file. The conversion rate is around 1.

setedithd100 1.34

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The conversion rate is around 1.

setedithd100 1.34

I have two Openbox S-9’s, one for Ku and one for C-band. Is the demo version functional?

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I ran setedit and loaded a. I’ve never heard of Setedit.

setedithd100 1.34

I have three different versions of SETEdit which allows me to transfer files easily between the different brands of receivers. But what do you expect for free? I can’t make 2 active at once. Most people do not bother to read the instructions which are attached. One channel at a time would take forever anyway.

You get the circle with the slash through it when you make the attempt. Following your instructions and reading the PDF I have it working and have merged some of my sats successfully. Next, open your second satellite file. I am not running any Openbox at the moment to generate two channel files and check it, but it should work.


I couldn’t get setedit to do that.

Your license key is emailed to you normally within 24 hours of purchase. I would like to put everything on one receiver and use the other box for something else. The price of SetEdit is about 25 Euro. The pvr editor is too weak to do much of anything.

setedithd100 1.34

SetEdit allows you to do several things, but it costs money. You are correct Doc, but we are not talking about doing that. Unless I am using the wrong rev of the program. This saves me a lot of time considering the Amiko does not have blind scan capability. Both receivers are on the same network, so it is as simple as setting up two instances of SETEdit and transferring the information using wireless connections.

I opened up setwdithd100 Windows XP setecithd100 and checked. Select your channel file and load it.

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PayPal and credit cards are accepted. Can I merge the Ku sats onto the C-band receiver with out having to key in all that info manually on an editor?


I found out how to 1.34 this by carefully reading the instructions. It saves me a lot of time. I couldn’t paste to an empty sat.

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EB, I downloaded the demo version. EB, I bought the registered version. SetEdit is a professional program.

Doing this should drag the channels and the transponders from one satellite file into the other satellite file without erasing anything.