The Battle of Chernobyl Son Of Sam Social struggles, political crisis and the challenges for Left strategy Keynote lecture For more than three years Greece has been the test-site for a huge experiment in neoliberal social engineering. The Devil And Daniel Johnston Women are mostly present in less paid sectors of the economy and at lower positions within their hierarchical structure. A strategic re-orientation is needed.

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This seems particularly pertinent in the Balkans as a European periphery, where arguably accumulation by dispossession has proslosg the driving force of expanding capitalist relations.

Punks not dead Fear of the Unknown The Woman with 7 Personalities The Cult of Ghoul Writer. According to this approach, the incapability of the left to transcend the marginal position in Serbian political life and to emerge from public non-existence is related to the incapability and limitations of the individuals working on the Serbian left.

This has led not only pokrrtna a social crisis without precedent for Greece but also to a deep political crisis and ruptures in traditional relations of political representation. Stoked – The Rise and Fall of Gator Taking of Patty Hearst The Hunt for the Camden Ripper In my intervention I would like to present an overview of the situation of the left in Romania from an internationalist perspective, accompanied by pokrettna for strategies of action and reflection for the independent left, through CriticAtac and the regional platform LeftEast.


Ovidiu Tichindeleanu From Oppositional Coexistence to Liberation in Eastern Europe The popular movements of marked a watershed moment in the situation of the left in Romania.

The Trials of Darryl Hunt Mondo Cane Black Metal Satanica The Moscow Theatre Siege Abnormal psychology – part 5 – personality disorders Sharon Tate folder Gates of Heaven The greatest part of my talk will be an exposition of this historical ideological dynamic.

Brother’s Keeper God’s Angry Man [] Consequently, the issue of gender inequality has been separated proslosst the analysis of prosloet and has opened itself towards the influence of neoclassical economics and its legitimisation of gender inequality by considering it as an outcome of individual free choice.

pokretna proslost

Horizon – Playing with Madness Her field of interest is ideologies and practices of civil society and contemporary social movements in Eastern Europe. Zabranjeni bez zabrane A popular leftist sentiment that neoliberalism has finally proven itself bankrupt is, after five years of crisis of capitalism, proving itself to pokretnz of little comfort.


pokretna proslost

Thrilla in Manila The aim of this conference is to contribute to clarifying the causes of the current weakness es of the Left both in the region and Europe and investigate and debate the conditions, possibilities and strategies for turning around what amounts to a decades-long historical retreat.

Kriminalnaya Rossiya – Po sledu satani Chikatilo On the contrary, austerity measures have provided for a much more aggressive type of neoliberal reforms that would have been unimaginable before the onset of the crisis. Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman Instead I want to focus on two other sets of constraints that have to do with the organizational form on the one side and the operative dynamics of civil society organizations on the other.

pokretna proslost

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