Tuesday, November 3, 5: In all probability, you will find it in C: Imagine creating one worksheet with all twelve dasas displayed, and another with 12 different varga charts. When download is completed, please launch Windows Explorer. You are supporting my website, allowing me to continue posting astrology tutorials, software reviews, and much more. Please launch Windows Explorer.

parashar lite 6.0

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When download is completed, please launch Windows Explorer. You can click here to use my secure order form to purchase your software. Locate this file and select it. This is an invaluable feature for those just breaking into Jyotish.

I especially like the browsing function, i. This version also makes it easy to optimize the screens for anything from a small tablet to a large computer screen.

parashar lite 6.0

The Vedic calculator 60 you add and subtract points a la Arabian Parts to create sensitive points. The best pricing distributors are allowed to offer. Double click on this folder to expand it. Among the charts to select are rasi, bhava, chandra, four types of lagna, varga Parashara, Nadi, and Tajikagochara transitand varshaphal progressed.

Sunday, December 13, 7: On litee inspection, however, one discovers that the program has a truly outstanding degree of customizability and a very wide range of features. Its accuracy, flexibility, classical texts, wide range of functions, speed, and ease of use should satisfy everyone interested in or practicing Jyotish. At first glance, Parashara’s Light appears to be similar to most of the other programs.


parawhar On starting Shri Muhurta, the following message appears: You can also move the starting date for each dasa forward and backwards in time with a click of your mouse. The design tool is simple to use and a very powerful addition to the program. Foremost is the ability to create your ideal pages with the charts, tables, graphs, images, and backgrounds that work best for you. PL6 also adds several very useful “timelines”. They work great on laptops, small screens and slower computers, and their exceptional interactivity allows you to keep changing what is being shown to you on screen in an ongoing exploration of each displayed chart.

The latest version has many improvements enabling users to customize the program to their needs.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Software From GeoVision Software Inc.

It can use Vedic aspects, exact trines, squares, oppositions, and conjunctions, litee show changes of dashas up to five levels for any of the dasha systems. Click OK and run the application. If it had worked on Vista 64 bit – chances are high it will work on Windows 7 as well. The new arrival of version 9 for both Windows and Mac computers has inspired this review.


parashar lite 6.0

The added dynamic atlas lookup inserts the correct time zones for all muhurta, Dasha, and transit charts, and when using the time change tool. Did you check with the vendor? Tuesday, November 3, 5: Windows 7 Application Compatibility.

Parashara’s Light Windows 1. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Parashara’s Light

Right click on it and paste the file datelist. Click OK and run the application B. Ljte, November 2, 6: The built-in atlas contains the longitudes, latitudes, and time zones forU.