With sales in more than countries, offices in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and a worldwide network of distributors and representatives, OMICRON has truly established its reputation as a supplier of the highest quality. However, special precautions such as the use of the CP GB1 grounding box are required. Page 76 After turning off the high voltage or current observe the warning lights: A test procedure template is a user-defined test procedure, and can be created from any test procedure that was saved to the CPC file system beforehand a name. Page 91 With regard to software handling, this section confines to test-relevant issues, and does not go into detailed procedural descriptions.

omicron cpc explorer software

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Submenu File Appends the contents of a test file. Setup for a tap changer test – winding resistance and interruption Never open the measuring circuit while current flows. Carrying Out The Polarity Check 1.

Measuring two quantities in two columns such as AC or DC voltages in amplitude and phase angle, AC or DC currents in amplitude and angle, or the frequency of any selected output, is easily done by selecting the desired quantities.

Technical Support Get support.

omicron cpc explorer software

OMICRON serves the electrical power industry with innovative products and services for testing, diagnostics and monitoring of assets worldwide. Page 84 CPC V1. Furthermore, you can transfer tests between CPC and the PC for archiving purposes, or to print them out. The trigger can be binary omicrln analog, or it can be an overload of the unit.


omicron cpc explorer software

Viewing the license file The excitation current in amplitude and phase angle is also measured and reported. By regularly updating the OMICRON software you use, your system will remain up-to-date with the most recent versions, feature enhancements and bug fixes. Confirmation of your registration: File Operations menu directly effect the currently open test, i. Opens the String Editor. The test cards can be instantiated in different ways and for different purposes.

Range The output is either voltage or current, and is automatically selected by the software or manually by the user. Below this, you can create additional folders in a tree-structure of your choice, save tests in these folders, and carry out file operations, such as open, save, rename, copy, paste etc. RWinding test card with test results Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: Direct customer contact is essential in developing and building lasting relationships around the world.

After the test the core is demagnetized. Then Vtest is kept for a period of 2. Description Accessories Documents Videos Training. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis, and training make the product range complete.


Omicron CPC 100 Reference Manual

CPC Explorer The toolbar buttons Clicking on the right-hand side pane activates the file-specific buttons in the toolbar. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Most 3rd party file-based systems are supported by TestBase by opening the application and saving the test document formats directly from TestBase e.

Then press the handwheel. Here, the omicrron card-specific parameters are specified.

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Page 96 CPC V1. JavaScript not active You have disabled JavaScript. Page Figure 4 above it is the output current. The softwade is set onto the “V test: In order to determine the true CB closing time value, explorre ms need to be deducted from the value displayed in the measurement table. Request for a demo? CTRatio test card with test results Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: