I bring this up because Mystery of Mortlake Mansion is gorgeous, but I made a mistake in assuming that’s all it would be. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Click on the closet to find another Hidden Object Scene. Use the Screwdriver to fasten the Bolts. Find 12 hidden objects in the screen.

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Place the Glass Bowl 3 on the Burner. After that, do the bottom left and then the bottom right. Collect the NOTE on the desk 2. Keep an eye out for a changing cursor that marks something you can interact with, as well as any glimmering areas that mark puzzles or hidden-object scenes.

Drag the objects in the drawer around to look for the mystery of mortlake mansion walkthrough listed at the bottom of the screen. Remove the cobwebs by repeatedly clicking with the Feather Duster which the game now labels as a Broom, for some reason.

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion is an absolutely beautiful game that’s easily enjoyed by just about mystegy. Open the door on mansiion left side of the screen with the KEY in the inventory 6.

The best strategy is to first match cards that are at the top of the biggest stacks of other Cards. Open the Book of Shadows in the bottom left corner. Find matching runes with the 3 runes in the middle of the screen, like before 2.


Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Walkthrough – Gamezebo

Before finding objects, you need to open both sides of the case door. Click on the portal inside the closet to zoom in. Place all ingredients and the magic activator into the correct spots 2. Zoom in on the Cart 3 green and then move the Pot orange so you can get the Container for Components blue. You can travel back and forth between the Maps by clicking on the mystery of mortlake mansion walkthrough Portals in any Room.

The starting positions of the runes are all randomized. Find the rest of the items on the list using the Hint Amulet, if you need it. Click on the Piano 1.

Walkthrough Part 1 for Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion

You can move any Ring from the top of any stack, but you may only move smaller Rings onto empty spikes or larger Rings. Comments 4 Views 4, Click on the shelf, and you will see the portal 4. myatery

You will receive the SUN in your inventory. Once you are finished with the second pattern, all of the lights should be lit up.


Find 2 door panels and 8 bolts. Then jump E with D toward the front and jump B with A toward the front as well. I have to agree – Mortlake Mansion is a visually stunning game. Place the Light Bulb in the socket. Coupons we’ll never use, offers for bank loans we don’t need, scams that are pathetically easy to see through Latest Walkthroughs Spirits of Mystery of mortlake mansion walkthrough Open the Book of Shadows to review where the Ingredients are placed.

Place the 4 Spirit Hunters 8 on the Wires 9. Move the open book 2. Whatever your gender, you’ll soon find yourself at a deceptively run-down looking manor in search of the mysterious “R”, who sent you the letter and claimed to need your help. Collect the KEY after solving the match 3 puzzle and use it on the green lock on the gate toward the back of the room.