You agree to be responsible for compliance with all laws, foreign and domestic relating to the control of exports or the transfer of technology. For the purposes of clarity, you may install the Font Software on multiple devices provided the concurrent Users do not exceed the number of Licensed Users. Otherwise, you agree not to modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, alter, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Font Software except as may otherwise be permitted by law. You may not change any trademark or trade name designation for the Font Software. You are permitted to modify the fonts solely for your own use.

leitura display swashes

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You are permitted to modify the fonts solely for your own use.

If you are a design consultancy, advertising agency or purchasing this license for use by or on behalf of such an entity, the ultimate end user should also purchase a license appropriate for the intended use of the Font Software. Saashes you do not wish to enter into this Agreement, do not purchase, access, use or otherwise download or install the Font Software. FontHaus expressly reserves the right to amend or modify this License Agreement at any time and without prior notification, to the extent permitted by law.

The Upgrade or Extension License is an displau Use License to the existing Standard Desktop License but with different terms and conditions that address different uses and technology.

leitura display swashes

A server license covers an agreed number of CPU cores on production servers on which the font is installed and is valid for one year. The Basic Desktop License is the most popular license. It grants the user s the right to install OpenType OTF or TrueType TTF Font Software on a desktop computer or laptop to design and distribute personal or commercial typographical designs including but not limited to signage, logos, branding, artwork, movie titles and credits, brochures, layouts, greeting cards, etc.


Server Needs a description here. Use of or by additional unauthorized Users, even temporarily, requires the purchase a separate or additional license.

Leitura Display Two font family | DSType Foundry

You expressly agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Michigan, the U. DSType has been featured in several magazines and books and gives lectures and workshops on type and type usage all over the world. Font Family Leitura Display. If you are unsure swashse your use of the Font Software is specifically permitted under this Agreement, contact sales fonthaus.

The license granted herein for personal use does not extend to uses by temporary employees or independent contractors using the Font Software in professional environments or for other professional uses.

Electronic Publication ePub License.

This License is an extension of the Desktop license and is not swashss additional file. Reformatting the Font Software into other formats or for use in other operating systems is expressly prohibited.

leitura display swashes

The design of the Font, the Font Software and any trademarks associated therewith are the exclusive property of FontHaus and are protected by the copyright and other intellectual property law of the United States and its various States, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by other international treaties.

The unauthorized sharing, lending, renting, sale, or other unauthorized use or misuse of the backup copy is a material breach of this Agreement and will result in the immediate termination of this License. You may not use artwork, drawings or dingbats on goods for sale, in logo design, retail packaging or point of sale displays and in works that are printed in amounts greater thanimpressions.

Under no circumstances will FontHaus be responsible to any end user, whether licensed, authorized or not, for the performance of any user modified font software nor will FontHaus support any user modified font software.


Personal or Internal Business Use shall mean Use of the Font Software for your customary personal or internal business purposes and, except as may otherwise be permitted herein, shall not mean the commercial distribution or use of Font Software or any component thereof in any Commercial Product whatsoever.

Text Color Background Color. If you are purchasing this License for government use, or under a government contract, you agree to familiarize yourself with and follow any applicable rules and regulations relating to the purchase of a license to use software and the actual use thereof.

Leitura Display Two

The Agreement may only be modified in a writing signed by an swashds officer of FontHaus. Designer Dino Dos Santos.

You hereby agree that your entire, exclusive, and cumulative liability and remedy shall be limited to the cost of the Font Software. FontHaus webfonts are self-hosted, Fonts that you host yourself on your own web server. Altering or amending the embedding bits characteristics of the Font Software is expressly prohibited.

Leitura Display Swashes font

Must be installed on Mac or PC computers. Key Licensing factor s: Embedded Electronic Devices includes the use of the Font Software for any on-screen display or on an electronic device outside a single location. Reasonable measures must be undertaken to ensure the security sisplay the Font Software. The Font Software shall be deemed to include any upgrades, updates, related files, permitted modifications, permitted copies, and related documentation.