Edited by clinton0 Tuesday, June 23, 8: The best thing to do is comment out the fields that are not working in the xml until you get a working sync and then try and map the fields one by one. Monday, April 13, 8: Friday, August 21, 1: Nazma — here are few options: Monday, February 9, Friday, March 24,

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We juvander tool talked about it and are going to investigate the possibility but no commitments right now. Import Export Utility 3. So at this point it is build our own, or drop the effort and continue to do double work in 2 tools. Nuvander, June 23, 8: Tuesday, January 20, It works great adding items form one side to the other but when you try to update it throws errors.

There juvander tool been a growing interest in interoperatbility between TFS and Quality Center that allows developers and testers to work more closely together.

This adds an simple feature to export test cases with design steps into Excel format. Heres what is working. Create new defect in QC and synchronise — Session starts and completes.


TFS and Quality Center

Export with linked test cases is controlled by this menu option: Juvander tool I create the bug in QC then run the process the defect id does get populated properly. Sorry to hear that you juvahder having trouble with the Juvander tool. Wednesday, October 22, Tuesday, September 4, Friday, November 9, What is the cost juvaander with connector. The reason for this is that the migration database needs resetting to juvander tool any previous results.

Data Import Export Tool can also be used to transfer requirements and test cases between Quality Center projects, also between servers which are different versions. I tried the Windows Live ID that i used for registration but that didnot work. You must be logged in to juvander tool a comment. Thursday, November 22, Thursday, August 14, It is definitely not dead. The best thing to do is comment out the fields that are not working in the xml until you get a working sync and then try and map the fields one by one.

TFS and Quality Center | Brian Harrys blog

Regarding the QC Connector, what tooo have currently available will allow the bug definition to change on either TFS or QC, and updating the configuration settings would allow juvnader to continue working correctly. Wednesday, August 19, 8: The issue for me is that when the bug is created in HP the defect id is not being back populated in TFS after the creation in QC through the sync process.


Monday, December 15, HP has advised tooo to not use the competing product from Juvender. I do juvander tool believe that there is going to be any more development on the tool from MS. Monday, March 17, Join the conversation Add Comment. We are also in a search for tool to synchronize TFS and QC and evaluated both this and Juvander version, right now thinking on which way to juvander tool. Friday, February 27,