When i start the debug i get a Could not find class ‘com. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Comment 30 Martin Oberhuber Comment 21 Martin Oberhuber


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If no, given that you already have it at hand, could you upload it to Orbit? Did you clean and build your project again? Comment 23 John Arthorne KeyPair getPlulicKeyCommment is added. Description John Arthorne Comment 2 Martin Oberhuber Comment 8 Tomasz Zarna Importing this project into a Workspace also makes it possible to test the version when running a debuggee out of the workspace.

Index of /earlyaccess/com/jcraft/jsch/redhat-1

Sign up using Email and Password. Comment 25 David Williams The currently shipped version 0. Could not find class ‘com. Recommend adding entries to Import-Package at least javax. ChannelShell setAgentForwarding true will cause resource leaks. So, those packages should be also added to it.


Download jsch JAR 0.1.48 with all dependencies

Comment 27 Jesse Glick Comment 34 Malgorzata Janczarska Comment 4 Martin Oberhuber Orbit jsch-0.1.48.jra promote that or similar I build around end of Friday, so good to “test” what ever function is touched by this new bundle, and make sure it works as expected before the Orbit promotion.

Comment 5 Tomasz Zarna I just checked 4. Otherwise you get a ClassNotFound error. Comment 7 Martin Oberhuber Comment 31 Martin Oberhuber It looks like Eclipse 3.

Many thanks for your diligence!

Download jsch JAR ➔ With all dependencies!

Comment 13 Thomas Watson I noticed that no CQ has been created yet for JSch That doesn’t look like a stable build but I might be misunderstanding how Orbit works. Or confirmed not broken. Channel Subsystem had failed to set X forwarding flag. Convert jsch jar file sjch-0.1.48.jar DEX format and include the classes. Comment 15 Krzysztof Daniel JSch’ error from LogCat at the line 1. Team show other bugs.



Comment 22 Atsuhiko Yamanaka