Thanks for this fruitful discussion. Which one is most “viral”? CB is moving at a good pace and with lots of community support. I’ve joined and reviewed every major social networking site. To see finally that this extension is for ‘the fish’ – wasted time! How can we do this.


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I’ve achieved this with a tiny copy and paste core hack and about 20 fields. I’ve seen some that are a bit “dishonest” in that they report too much to try and keep your interest but at the same time taking away your most valuable asset, time, with no real reward. Showing 1 to 8 of 8 entries. Things that have to be done: Default package that comes with JomSocial has a Fireboard app that will list recent user threads in fireboard. Need someone to come up with a way to merge Joomla with S Things I need to know from you: Developer should create an social engine install component for Joomla.

I also recently setup phpBB, and while I haven’t started using it, it is part of the long range goals. Keeping in pace with the changing world.


Like I would like to know some more about this apps before I make my final decision: You’re going to have to work for it. Seems to me, that you are personally involved in joomunity. Or are you not interested in that answer?


It takes lots and lots of work and dedication. CB to me is not an option. Also must give option to import contacts to invite them to site via open inviter.

I guess your Joomunity installation must be working by now. Integrate my site with joomla Ended. I’ve decided to write this post as i’ve checked their site, their forum and the installation guide at http: The plugin capability and integration system is very very expansive. I’d like to leverage this community capability in this site.

And if someone says ‘ We seniors are starting to outnumber the other groups.

pTAM: Joomunity Installation guide

The way cb should have tried to be all along. It’s a LOT of work.



Voila you’re done installing. I am working with my coworker on a site at the moment, and we uoomunity just invited a fair amount of users to register and beta-test it with us.

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You can change the entire layout via CSS or make it easier on your users by making fields to change specific things with a simple plugin. Otherwise, after a month the price will go back to normal – which is quite expensive. That I can answer. CB should take some inspiration from Joomunity!


My Tweets mY tweeTs follow me on Twitter. Jomunity State All open jobs All open and closed jobs. What is the “professional level” of the two different systems.

With Joomla you can easily create and extend your website: Joomunity is free and yes it offers excellent support for everything I need.