Someone an idea what goes wrong here? So to be understandable: Dec 14 – 1: Now it’s working after changing the jdkhome. I am avoiding running eclipse just to edit jasper reports as long as I can.

ireport 4.1.3

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Geeth Sri Kavinda 21 3. It takes almost a minute to load the initial design view of a small report. Uninstalling extension and removing classpath worked for me too. I have Java 8, I used a different version: .41.3 for older versions: And I only have 7 Classpaths where were tens of them before. Now it work fine.

Ravinath 7 7. I’ve been suffering the slowness of iReport for several months working with a huge report. Products Solutions Services Resources.

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I hope it gets fixed soon. My JRE version is 8. Jasper Studio is now the supported tool.


I measured the time it takes to open a quite complex report: It can take seconds after clicking on a report element to see the design and properties react to the selection. Nov 15 – 2: Did you uninstall the plugin not only deactivate ireoprt I glad to find that the slowness especially when compiling is not the norm.

ireport 4.1.3

There’s ireportt way if you don’t want to have older Java versions installed you can do the following:. Java is installed in version 1.

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Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for iireport heap Error: Raul Cacacho 1 3 Jun 28 – 1: No splash, no window. JasperReports doesn’t support Java 8 yet. Oct 24 – 9: I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I just downloaded the latest WeakListenerImpl. So I recommend you to try JasperWave.

Компонент таблицы iReport 4.1.3 никогда не показывает первую запись набора данных

I won’t downvote the registry hackers, but i would not say registry hacking is a solution. On a developer enviroment, I had previously a weird sistuation.


Yes, I deleted the plugin.

ireport 4.1.3

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Basically you can put it anywhere and i would never put it anywhere else then it is supposed to be: For example if you unpack twice the jre-7uwindows-x Last few days I’ve been thinking “how does anyone get anything done with this tool? Did not find any as of yet.

ireport 4.1.3