If you use multiple profiles in Outlook, make sure that you select the profile that contains the Personal Folders. How the Inbox Repair tool validates and corrects errors ScanPST mostly validates and corrects errors in the internal data structures of a. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When Outlook resists loading properly, or cannot open personal folders, a tool that was included in the original program download Scanpst. Once the diagnosis is complete, a report will become available. You can check the location of your Outlook Data Files in Outlook. Beginning the Scan Process No.

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Failure Once the repair process has concluded, the sdanpst.exe repair tool will provide a status. You should have a new Outlook Data. These folders contain no user data. It can be found in the same folder with the.

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Under Optionsclick Do not import duplicatesand then click Next. You should also see a folder named Lost and Found. When the repair is complete, start Outlook with the profile associated with the Outlook Data File you just repaired.


To do this, follow these steps: Again, this inbox repair tool specifically applies to personal folders. You can use OutlookTools free to locate it for you. Enter a file name for your new Personal Folders.

How to repair your Outlook personal folder file (.pst)

When you get CRC errors upon trying to copy the pst-file in Explorer or open it in Outlook, you usually have a failing hard disk which should be dealt with immediately. The repair process consists out of several steps. We recommend backing up your existing Outlook data file before you start the Inbox Repair tool. Also, CRC errors refer to the hard drive, rather than.

repaiir You can find this in the same location as scanpst. A quick fix might be to simply restart your computer. Repair and recover your Outlook PST files! Awards — Before you continue to the actual repair process, make inbox repair tool scanpst.exe you have a backup of the pst-file. Follow these steps to repair your Outlook personal folder file. If you could open the file, the following procedure may help you recover additional items from your damaged Personal Folders.


Create reair data file. The steps may be different, depending on which version of Outlook you are running.

This analysis consists out of 8 phases of which some can take quite a bit longer to complete than others depending on the size and level of corruption of the file.

Exit Outlook and start the Inbox Repair tool Show all. Make a copy of the.

Scanpst.exe The Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook and later a. Corrupted folders are recreated from scratch, scan;st.exe it is necessary. In your Folder List, you should see the following recovered folders: ScanPST also guarantees that the message’s parent folder refers to a valid folder. Although the repair process might recreate some of the folders, they may be empty.

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When these error messages are encountered, repairs should be managed by an IT Specialist, or another certified professional in the industry. Microsoft and Microsoft logo’s are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Toop Inbox Repair tool Scanpst.