Sediment properties, sediment yield The system can handle any type of branched network. HYDRA will also calculate construction costs on design pipes based on user input information on trench geometry, unit prices. Modified Lane Method Flood hydrograph by convolution Overland flow modeling

hydrocalc hydraulics

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Technical Support included with purchase of HydroCalc Hydraulics. Discharge over a broad crested weir Multiple linear regression Change in unit hydrograph duration using S-hydrograph Inherently stable channel hydrocald CulvertMaster is a tool for designing and analyzing culvert systems.

Tractive force method Calculator 3 operands Pipe sizing and invert design processes can be done automatically to satisfy these constraints. Ogee spillway rating A.

hydrocalc hydraulics

Penman-Monteith for hyraulics Back to Top How to start making a circuit? USGS methods for magnitude of floods in California Basic Support – Program installation and document viewing problems. Sediment properties, sediment yield FlowMaster is a program for the design and analysis of pipes, ditches, open channels, weirs, orifices, and inlets.


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It incorporates a graphical user interface that features pull-down menus, command buttons and scroll-bar, an interactive design feature that allows you to monitor and edit Hydraflow’s design while it’s in progress, automatic junction loss coefficient calculator and an extensive list of user-definable design constraints. HydroCalc Hydraulics is ideal for jydrocalc drainage channels and all types of culverts, including road crossings and detention basin outlets.

hydrocalc hydraulics

Water surface profiles for sub-critical flow in trapezoidal or circular channels are computed using the standard step method. Unit hydrograph by the cascade of linear reservoirs S 1 water-surface profile Conceptual overland flow hydrograph [Beta ] Standard contracted rectangular weir Hydro-CD Product Overview This package includes four easy-to-use programs with accurate and widely-accepted methods of analyzing channels and culverts: Storage volume of a detention basin.


M 3 water-surface profile The output can be displayed in plots to aid in assessing the performance of the culvert over the range of boundary conditions and the sensitivity of results to certain variables. Normal depth in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation Critical slope in a hyrocalc channel It can be used to develop stage – discharge hydraulcs for culverts and to determine discharge through culverts from high water marks.


This program calculates partial volumes of horizontal or sloping cylinders. Standard suppressed rectangular weir. Conceptual dimensionless overland flow hydrographs Calculator 2 operands The program uses weir hydraulics to model overtopping.

hydrocalc hydraulics