All those who love Ganesha will shower blessings on you Shashikant Joshi for this awesome post. Thanks for the meaning of song. Thanks again, – Anup. I was searching the meaning of this wonderful song, since days. Purchase the books from Practical Sanskrit.

ganadhishaya dheemahi shankar mahadevan

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Shree Ganeshay Dheemahi Lyrics

The song is sung by shankar mahadevan and its wonderful listening to it!!! Mahendra Nahak, Berhampur GanjamOdisha. You are the one who is always sadA worshiped ArAdhyAya by righteous practices dharma of the gurus. Excellentjust what I was looking for. I see both words on different youtube video’s and websites.

Can you pls translate this in hindi as well. I used to think Aghora is the opposite of Ghora.

ganadhishaya dheemahi shankar mahadevan

It is indeed very helpful! In bilvashtaka, there is a line “Aghora paapa samhaaram”. Wonderful work for all ganesh lovers Thanks for the meaning of song. Please continue as you get time. Thank you very much!

ganadhishaya dheemahi shankar mahadevan

You may also like this post on. I am using your information to teach this to kids here in United kingdom.


Ganesh Stotram – praNamya shirasA devam. Please prove where the informations is coming from. You make the teachers valorous vikramAyaand are the one that carries kuhya [4] their invocation to agni pravarAya ganadhishays, oh most virtuous guNa of teachers guravey.

What would be good is a transliteration, followed by translation of major chants, as well as their deeper meanings.

ganadhishaya dheemahi shankar mahadevan

The music is nice as in film ‘viruddh’and thanks for meanings that you gave. Please listen to the song and find out. No clue what mOSa SastrAya means. Can you please elaborate on this??

word for word meaning of Gananayakaaya Ganatheivataaya Ganat –

Though I admit I came across this tune thru a bollywoodized dance performance I had to sit thru yesterday, and then got aquainted with some viruddh? In this verse, from cheemahi we move onto krishNa: Contribution of you will be useful there. The song is very touching, soothing and greatest devotion song I came across. May God bless you. Thanks for your help.


I hope you are snankar member of Samskrita group on email. Might I suggest “guru-daitya-gala” to also possibly mean as killer of “big deamons”? Purchase the books from Practical Sanskrit. Our prayers to the one with rounded gUDa ankles gulfAyathe one who is the intoxicant mattAya of fragrances gandhaand the one who grants pradAya wealth [in the form of cows gO ] and victory jaya!

Will go thru the rest of your site as well. I really needed the translation for a long time. Thanks again, – Anup. I am guessing that one site had these lyrics and all other sites copied from there.