It is not as heavy as previous albums and contains more melodic and alternative sounds. Nou laaik ons nie wat ons sien nie. Lugsteuring is the first full-length album from the South African alternative rock band Fokofpolisiekar. They may not be a revolutionary band to all of south africa but who is? Stop patronising the Afrikaner with the stereotype that you fucking cling to so desperately.

fokofpolisiekar vir altyd 7 november

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And in the absence of a truly inclusive national identity, many have lost faith. Is nie asof enige-iets op aarde regtig die waarheid van goed weet nie. My friends hate the fact that I refuse to be called an Afrikaner note the spelling Andrei. It is certainly my favourite and most cryptic photograph from my current exhibition Open To Misinterpretation. The community must moderate itself.

The elimination of human greed. February 1, at 5: And in doing so, they have completely lost the point.

About the artist

Enter this link into your RSS reader http: Toe Vind Ek Jou feat. Its one thing to tell you what it means to me, and another to write it It is not as heavy as previous albums and contains more melodic and alternative sounds.


fokofpolisiekar vir altyd 7 november

The fact that most of the comments here are only made to belittle the writer and do nothing to debate the points in a meaningful way probably says more fookfpolisiekar the average Mahala reader than it says about Mahala.

In jou eksposisie meld jy dat Fokof geweet het niemand actually iets weet nie. Hierdie skrywe perpetuate daai sentiment. Wow; a whole lot of debate ignited by what seems to be a pointless article. Funny how apartheid is all people see when they refer to white culture and Afrikanerism. The original version of the EP was released with a white cover, while the reissue had a black one.

Sonvanger Valiant Swart 1. Questions asked in Fokof songs are to inspire thought and question further. Swanesang is the second full-length album by South African punk rock band Fokofpolisiekar. The anger, which was readily available in previous albums, was also toned down and replaced by sung, not screamed, lyrics which reflect the sadness of the South African youth who live with no future and a detestable past. Karen Zoid Francois Van Coke 1. You were once a struggling band battling to make ends meet.

January 31, at 9: Are you now just scraping at the bottom of the journalistic barrel?


Vir Altyd 07 November by Fokofpolisiekar – Pandora

English rockers were getting their punk rock on long before the Afrikaners sodimized that bands music. Not everyone write songs sorry, I mean lyrics about pomping bitches or tjoklits coming out of babies. At a show were you cleared 40k just from door money, you cant give another band a cent…?

If fact, we are hard wired to notice difference in everything, so difference in skin color is a default setting.

fokofpolisiekar vir altyd 7 november

Shane Durrant Bittereinder 1. Between and Fokofpolisiekar was probably the most influential rock band in South Africa.

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I admire Mike’s mind and views and have since the time of a drunken conversation at some god-awful hour of the morning, in a Wimpy off Empire Road, when he tore documentary photography a new arsehole. Ons almal spekuleer net.

A facile notion, but hey, one can only dream.

Fokofpolisiekar 10 Year Anniversary Fokofpolisiekar 1.