The Properties window can be left open while you inspect on each item. The Automatic Door Light In this situation the outside door light on a house should only come on when it is dark and if there is a person close by. Select IN again from the toolbar, the input number will automatically change to 2. To alter the output numbers for the inside light and foghorn in the Lighthouse. Save these images using Save as. Insert a line, before the END with the exact name of the mimic file that you have just copied e. Click on it a second time to move to a new position.

flowol 2.90

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To make Output 3 the foghorn replace item number 3 with number 2. Select the main folder not the folders that contain the bitmap images for the mimic Keep I. For information, please contact info flowol.

Flowol Mimic Creator Tutorial

The Parking Lot Mimic gives students the opportunity to explore the control features of automatic parking lot barriers. To help in the final positioning use the magnifying glass icon on toolbar to minimize and maximize the picture.

Select the Values Tab.

flowol 2.90

The moving door image has some horizontal blurring and glowol then faded in with a faded open door image. Do the same for the other outputs on the picture. Create a new bitmap folder e.


Save your new mimic file using Save As from the File menu as lift. Save as a bitmap back.

flowol 2.90

No part of this document may be reproduced, transferred, sold or otherwise disposed flowo without More information. Bob Taylor To do this you will need two programs from Xara: Click on the mot a label it will highlight in the Items list.

Set up page orientation.

Data Harvest – Data Harvest FlowGo control interface UK : UK

Select the input on image, OK then OK. Intro to Excel spreadsheets Intro to Excel spreadsheets What are the objectives of this document?

SketchUp is free from Google just Google it and download to your computer. Contextually Sensitive Menus 3.

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The additional connections that need to be incorporated into the Lift mimic are to set the connections between the motor outputs and the push button switches on the lift, e. Available for all computer formats. Formatting Worksheets and Cells IV.

Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new. Re-label the inputs and outputs of an existing mimic to make it more suitable for a different interface. Note, that if you want to provide rectangular sprites the Sprites fileyou will need to ensure that the vertical positions of all the items in the mimic are aligned to every 2 square pixels.


Next you need to convert your bitmaps to an Acorn Sprite file. Select this button to create a new bitmap folder. Select the IO icon.

Select the Variables Tab. The default location for the Mimic folder in the Flowol 2. Download “Flowol Mimic Creator Tutorial”. Save as a bitmap back. The Automatic Door Light In this situation the outside door light on a house should only come on when it is dark and if there is a person close by.

Background image Lift images for motor a, b and c Hoist images for motor d Red buttons for inputs Magenta lights for inputs Output and input labels Defining Values and Variables [Not used in the examples].

The Remove button can be used to remove a bitmap that is selected in the bitmap window from view. In the lighthouse mimic item 2 is the bitmap for the foghorn and item 3 is the bitmap for the inside light.