FlipBook is great for stop motion too. XSheet layers allow you to only scan the background image once and overlay animations on top. Any helpful suggestions to make on the list of alternatives to DigiCel FlipBook? Animation Schools to Consider: You may not have the same budget as a big cinema studio, but you can still take your first steps in animation with this program.

digicel flipbook 2d animation software

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There are no character libraries, backgrounds or other premade effects so you will need to draw everything yourself. In addition to having up to 1, frames FlipBook Studio also has up to 6 levels including the background. Stop Leak feature helps fine tune sketches to make painting process easier without rescanning.

digicel flipbook 2d animation software

This software does not use a bone-rigging system, and there is no option to create animation paths. You can also call customer support if you prefer to talk to a representative. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

It was also used by famous traditional animators including Glenn Keane and Don Bluth. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. The program features all the tools you need to create your movie, including support for scanners and webcams.


Cursor preview mode shows what pixels will be affected before you click to save you undo time. That being said, this software is pretty dated.

Freemium Animation Paper Animation Paper is a program that is easy to use with features for those who enjoy drawing or draw for a business. Options to pan, zoom, or include one of several transition effects.

DigiCel FlipBook – Wikipedia

However, there are a few pros and cons to consider when considering these free I tried exposing the head and body on 4’s a new drawing every 4 frames but quickly saw that it was way too slow and a few quick adjustments allowed me to change it to 2’s and then repeat those drawings to work with the feet.

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digicel flipbook 2d animation software

Likewise, Disney, Warner Bros. Its responsiveness helps maintain accuracy, so drawings on the screen look looked just like drawing in a sketchpad. Digicel Flipbook enables you to create animated movies using three different methods 2D, 3D and stop-motion. It provides simple flipbooj tools and allows you to have up to 1, frames at a time.

digicel flipbook 2d animation software

Free Flipbook Tools and their Pros and Cons – rpmdp. Animation Schools to Consider: Plus, the author recommends using a graphic tablet for better results.


Animating a walk on multiple levels can get very hairy on paper and in the “old” days we had to re-shoot every time. FlipBook is the only 2D animation software designed from the ground up to do 2D animation the way animators want to do it.

DigiCel FlipBook: 2D Animation Software Worth Knowing | Animation Career Review

Filter Platforms Browser 6. Click here to watch the scene play. FlipBook is for real hand-drawn animation like the good old Disney stuff.

FlipBook has been used on Titan A.

6 Alternatives to DigiCel FlipBook

Thanks for the first 10 years! Digital Painting Software Worth Knowing. However, we found the drawing tools to be too simple. Like all Sooftware versions it includes all the standard features that make FlipBook so easy and yet so powerful. Free Synfig Studio Synfig Studio is a powerful piece of animation software that offers a pleasantly surprising number of features for a free platform.

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