Japanese and Japanese-English I would advise you to play the original first so you can estimate and understand what the commands and spells are for. March 04, , Keep me logged in on this device. That came out before GE Grand Ed. Is there an English version of this? It’s awesome that you go this done. Mirsa Long Sword Swinger Posts:

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I think exp modifiers on AI troops would be interesting. In terms of balance, I think the AI does not use lower level knights, and that may be in part because the AI targets low HP Rune Knights primarily think of any fight involving a level 1 Cortina. This makes monks a really great class despite their lower melee attributes, but the fact that their pushback counterattacks open them up to more frontal assault severely limits their use.

Even with low troops, the AI will almost never go after Dinadan and Cai in the same castle. Rather than unit type balance the only issue that I have with this game is lack of resilience in AI controlled nations which leads to finishing the game too early even if you try to brigandine grand edition english easy on them.

HERE is the v2 patch for adding fully English voice acting to movies. Question Status What does it mean that yellow symbol before gender? Think about putting Dinadan and Brigandine grand edition english on a border town and defending indefinitely. Did you miss your activation email? I think the AI could get a lot more than that, maybe even ramp up the amounts they receive based on difficulty level.


Japan released this only for their country that’s why there are only 2 versions of it. HELP Fail at recruiting defeated country knights!!

Is it based on maximum damage dealt, lowest HP target, etc? There is a small degree of that already but it basically consists of don’t bring Cortina into a fight vs Zemeckis in LOF, despite their cheeky dialogue you get, its a really bad idea.

I think giving free exp to AI controlled nations should somewhat compensate that especially if to make brigandine grand edition english bonus to scale up with the number of territories lost so even when they are caught in the corner they still will be able to put up a good fight. Hope it will be soon. Brigandine grand edition english have a partial GE translation from years ago running on an emulator and I don’t even totally recall where it came from. Maybe each knight would have their own predetermined parameters for their troops Bagdemagus gunning for lowest HP to be a slaughterhouse, Magicians using Best to leverage AOEs total damage, etc.

There is a English version of this, it’s for the PS1, but there are many differences. Thank you in advance for your hard work Man. Probably a lot more involved in implementing this than I realize, but just a thought. If this is a player option as well, it should be carefully implemented. I plan on re-playing this game. I saw mention of that buried in another thread I have not read this topic in it’s entirety so if that is still a thing or may come up in the future, I would love to help.


Brigandine Grand Edition (English Patched)

Once an AI controlled nation loses brigandine grand edition english bunch of their higher level monsters in initial battles it becomes much harder for it to keep putting up a serious threat in following battles against the player. Thank you very much for doing this. That came out before GE Grand Ed. Don’t have an account? Maybe some kind of “training grounds” type of drill going on for idle troops if they are still in a castle and not attacked that particular turn.

Brigandine: Grand Edition (English Patched) PSP Eboot

Brigandine grand edition english start off every game wanting Hyude or Sheridan to end up as a ninja master, and by the time thats a possibility I engish strong enough to steam roll the map with other troops. Fixes missing line-break in Millet’s post-Esgares defeat description. HwitVlf on December 29, Sword of Moonlight Homepage. The Grand Snglish patch attached is a mod that makes umm I’m so addicted to the game that I can name the spell based on MP usage