Line-of-sight weapon with huge damage and explosion size. Unstoppable missile that literally cuts through any defense. This game is nice on phones, but it’s awesome on tablets Supports degree orientation flip. The most tenacious weapon ever created. Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

blitwise pocket tanks 1.6

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Users with desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows 8 or Windows RT can now download the game from the Windows Store. Crust busting space weapon damages the tank while digging deep. The new Local WiFi mode allows you to play a classic game of Blitwisr Tanks with someone on another mobile device on the same local wireless network.

Especially love the cross-platform support! Bullet ‘cruises’ along terrain for a few seconds before exploding. This should provide twnks flexibility in the future, and players should not see any disruption in game play or functionality.

Lightly toasts a rather large area of the terrain. Warhead does a bombing run on the other tank. Creates a pitch black ball that traps tanks in hard-to-see terrain.


The perfect quick game for friends and family, you’ll find yourself hooked for hours of play!

blitwise pocket tanks 1.6

Bouncing and homing mini sniper bullet. More bug fixes including: Very large area of effect. Powerful rocket launches your tank through the air.

Four randomly diving bullets, larger bpitwise average explosions. Emits a huge rainbow of bouncy bullets when it gets close to a tank. Showing out of reviews. Black char bursts into flames and bouncing hot coals.

Launches salvo of missiles that home-in on target. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft blitwixe and services.

blitwise pocket tanks 1.6

A perfect pairing for the electrifying Energy Pack. These are the classics! Cover your ‘neighbor’ in a thick layer of the fluffy stuff.

BlitWise Productions –

Typical ‘shot’ weapon that includes ten warheads. Machine gun bullets with small explosions and decent damage. Builds a wall made of rubberized dirt. Colorful seeds that explode and sprout walls. Select your angle, power, and FIRE! This update also adds the ability to replay your Online games, in fast or slow motion, and to take and share screenshots easily via Facebook or Twitter. Along side the Laser Pack, the free Rocket Pack shows the very latest in weapon innovations.


BlitWise Productions

Very good, had it on my computer since and it is very good on the device. A remotely-controlled swarm of relentless nanites. Horizontal spread of explosions based on where the bullet lands.

blitwise pocket tanks 1.6

Ground weapon that tunnels through the dirt and explodes on other side. Bullets fire from the sides of the playfield. It’s a wall, it’s a weapon, and it’s a little bizarre.