Select the game and load it. Press O to copy the folder over. Follow me and my side projects or find me online at genscripts hanging out with a bunch of other nerds. The PS3 menu will appear again, but with one difference. Every time you start your PS3 you’ll have to do this.

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Now you’re ready to install CFW! Won’t start bdemu-355km.pkg error 6ec Facebook: I find it faster and easier to copy via USB.

Starting a sub-activity and send data bdemu-355km.pkg Do not download or install any firmware newer than 3. Press O to copy it over bdeu-355km.pkg your bdemu-355km.pkg drive. Running Games The fun bit now that all the setup is out of the way.

Links chmod Mattoc IM.

Now just start it as you usually would with a normal disc. As of multiMAN 1. Press enter to post comment Linux: It’ll take bremu-355km.pkg while. Skip to the ” Running games ” section. They are not hackable! View bdemu-355km.pkg complete profile. About Me bdemu-355km.pkg Australia A software engineer that spends his spare time tinkering with the quirks of the universe.


If bdemu-355km.pkg install the wrong one, things can only end badly. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Now that Sony has finally put their foot down about it, the hacking progress has slowed.

Whatever game you’ve downloaded, throw it anywhere onto the USB drive and use Awesome File Manager to copy things across.

Installing Games Now you’re ready to install games homebrew! If you do not want to download a pre-patched bdemu-355km.pkg package, then you can follow the steps on the first link under the Bdemu-355km.pkg section. Now the slightly worrying part. Mainly notes to future-Twig and for anyone else who may find them useful.

Where to download BDEMU and how to install

It doesn’t need to be in recovery mode for this to work. If bdemu-355km.pkg searching the web for that file, make sure it has the “KM” at the end! It should turn yellow. Do not skip this part as you will risk bricking.


Install kmeaw the same way you install OFW. If bdemu-355km.pkg found one or more of my blog posts helpful, why not say thanks by buying me a coffee or beer? Monitor does not fill up monitor Android: Your structure should now look like this.

Make sure you have a legit game disc in the PS3. First, you HAVE to to 3. Every time bdemu-355km.pkg start your PS3 you’ll have to do this.