But knowing what I know now, I have decided to transition to a tool that will take me into the future. The good thing is that it works faster now and seems more resilient. Because I’m well versed in VB, I had planned to use Appforge to develop an engineering application, but at the time, the lack of direct support for double precision put a quick end to that idea. It was quite uncomfortable for me to base my living off of a product that had so many bugs and a support staff that was largely unresponsive again, this has probably changed. Dvorak to get the word out to the development community not to get suckered by empty promises from AppForge. SatForms support is the absolute worst ever. They seem to have disappeared so far.

appforge booster 5.1

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Also, I make my living based on the programs that I sell.

AppForge to NS Basic Switchers

With Appforge, we used to get spurious errors that no-one could solve. So I bought NSBasic 2. Net Developers Suit; WinSoft Pocket Studio – looked very promising, given I am a Delphi man, but very limited documentation and functionality was totally different to normal Pascal; Your product was well documented, and clear to follow. SatForms in an excellent tool in my opinion. OK, I’ve taken boostee of your time.

Appforge booster free download

Sat Forms is really an excellent tool and is equivalent to NSBasic is many ways. I never thought working with Palm databases boosetr be this easy. At one point I was so frustrated with the support at Pumatech that I tried everything possible to get away from them.


I still primarily use it. So, hopefully I’ll get a full copy of it soon. The calling in of the mail dashed through my dreams indiana property assessment. With palm os 5, AppForge is trying to hijack Palm Inc.

It was and boooster is great. I have lots of money invested in this because it is how I make my living. I now have to figure these things out.

appforge booster 5.1

Remap keyboard layouts or specific keys on your Windows Mobile device. I am really looking forward to not having a proprietary pdb format an being able to have palm database that I can easily appforte between programs. I’s sure i’ll be “bugging” you in the near future- that’s the price you pay for having me as customer! But consider that they have always targeted the corporate developer, typically producing custom applications for in-house use. They have a set of user interface controls that is excellent.

appforge booster 5.1

So I am giving NSBasic a chance. AppForge Booster is an operating system extension that enhances the functionality of handheld devices. The quality of your product has saved me well over man hours in porting the AppForge code to NS Basic.

As far as support goes, the NSBasic crew provides an unbelievable level of support and response, including issuing patches to fix problems. I didn’t get this concept at first and didn’t realize that for these items you must look at Microsoft documentation.


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boosfer It is instantaneous when accessing it by key. The most recent comments are at the end of the file. It is not good for a guy like me to have bugs out there, but I had no choice. I also have to figure out how to convert the signature string into a windows BMP. If your requirments are simple, will stay simple and you are not the most experienced programmer, then it is a good choice.

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So AppForge forms don’t have real text fields etc. I even Cc’d John C. Palm SDK – didn’t want to download entirely and support from Palm was almost insulting; Code Warrier – didn’t even want to start properly; PDA Toolbox – simple to create basic apps, but rather limited for anything useful; AppForge – difficult to follow, although allowed a “bolt-in” to.

You may find the history of our products interesting.