I know how you like to zone out And you’re home alone now ready for a show now Sho nuff, whatchu want? It instead fell into the Pacific Ocean. DOS-2 designation given to a space station , launched as part of the Salyut programme , which was lost in a launch failure on 29 July , when the failure of the second stage of its Proton-K launch vehicle prevented the station from achieving orbit. FlipTop – Twizzie vs Kris Delano Fliptop – loonie abra vs shehyee smugglaz dos por dos tournament.

abra apekz vs ice rocks kris delano

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Following the loss of the station, the crews were transferred to the DOS-3 programme.

CHRIS DELANO – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

By Mark Beats Shots Fired Artists Produced by: Fliptop – abra top 15 bars. Fliptop – sak maestro vs ice bergg. Fliptop – frooz elbiz vs abra apekz dos por dos 2. HipHopFanatic 1 day ago.


abra apekz vs ice rocks kris delano

The only language of this site is changed by this. This way to funny pinoy job ddlano reaction cong tv. Fliptop – mocks wun vs sparo. Antonio Matienzo jr 2 months ago. I’ll come thru on the weekend Dadalin kita sa lugar kung saan di ka mabibitin Usok at papel lang ang sisihin Dahilan ng agos ng alon hanggang tayo ay sumisid Lam mo na ang ibig kong sabihin Mga ala-ala dapat nating padamihin Tanging tayong dalawa lang at walang nakakaalam sa dahilan ng sarap ng pagkakagising [Pre-Chorus: The videos and channels which are shown to you are changed by this.

Chris Delano

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FlipTop – Spade vs Kris Delano Fliptop – 5 on 5 battle first ever – calabarzon division vs central luzon division. Fliptop- abra apekz vs ice rocks kris delano dos por dos 2 rap battle reaction.

abra apekz vs ice rocks kris delano

Kris Delano – Nobody Else ft. Viva Records Produced and arranged by: Funniest filipino vines compilation reaction. FlipTop Metro Manila presents: Tukomi apekkz titanic sa venice grand canal comment trolling reaction.


Video Fliptop reaction

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abra apekz vs ice rocks kris delano

No copyright infringement intended. All materials belongs to FliptopBattles: Mj Fernandez 4 months ago. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Apekkz Encyclopedia – https: Panda desiigner pandaremiz reaction 16 year old kills panda remix. Fliptop- loonie vs aklas rap battle reaction. I do not own this video nor the image featured in the video. Bald Latino 5 months ago. Tower sessions ose gloc 9- sumayaw ka music reaction.

Eto yung uso pa battle rap lahat ng pede gawin basta matalo mo kalaban.