These three patches function the same way as the previous version of this library, but the sample set has been re-tuned, re-mixed, and de-noised. I bought voxos in the most recent cinesamples sale, and I love it. Can I use the included Kontakt Player for playing other libraries in Kontakt format. This, like the other patches, can be changed from the [Settings] tab. Also, the sustains now respond to CC2 which allows you to move between vibrato and non-vibrato layers.

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Voxos (and other choirs) question

This process takes fresh ears and cannot be rushed or automated. TGVJun 10, Great all around Choir library, that is easy to work with. But I just had to respond to the voxos blast, given how much I’ve enjoyed using it in the last month on a flick I’m wrapping up next week.

Solo Boy Legacy I don’t tend to write choral works in Buildef, hence my voxos phrase builder. I felt like there was a lot of mf – fff Please check the product description for the required Kontakt version. Graham KeitchJun 10, We knew all of this plus more. I’ve been using the Ewqlsc for kontakt for years and voxos is a big step up. Their custom Legato script instantly analyses the keyboard performance and plays the appropriate interval sample.


VOXOS Phrase-Builder

The blue keys play the chords in their root position, the yellow keys play the chords in first inversion, and the red keys play the second inversion of the chords. The result is a pristine tone voxos phrase builder sounds great right out of the box. Rises, Stabs, and Screams Traditional English boys’ choir. We knew we wanted to enter all word data only once with just a few clicks with no external programs running.

These children possessed amazingly mature musical discipline, excepting guidance from the booth and their choir master in the same professional manner as the other sections. Where it really shines at least to me is in a.

The latest NI Kontakt Player is included in this product!

Cinesamples – VOXOS Epic Choirs | Epic Legato Choir and Phrase Builder

Technical Specifications Kontakt Player 5. Image Gallery – Voxos: About East-West Symphonic Choir: Their custom Legato script instantly analyses the keyboard performance and plays the appropriate interval sample. There are hundreds of shouts, whispers, grunts, clusters, screams and trailer risers, perfect for any media project.

We wanted FX that would integrate and cooperate with other tracks in your template, not dated, crazy, unusable stuff that is only good for that rarely requested track. VOXOS was recorded in cinematic 5. The engine instantly analyses voxos phrase builder chord structure and assigns each pitch to its own section of the choir. Already have an account?


Voxos (and other choirs) question | VI-CONTROL

Can voxos be improved? It is one of the most shoddy products I have ever bought, it is out of tune, badly performed, edited and programmed, and hasn’t been updated in nearly a year to fix the many issues. We have, without exaggeration, been tweaking the legatos for over six months — still making voxos phrase builder tweaks the moments before delivering to Native Instruments for encoding.

Solo Soprano Legacy Only the Zimmer giant-as-hell sound. It was just a question of finding the right way to make it happen. You must log in or sign up to reply here.