Posts Topics Advanced Search. It will be easy when buy like or more Snacks from shop to recover. Added the indicator of not saved scripts, in the form of a red dot on tabs with numbers of scripts. Fixed a memory leak that occurred when the Lua version was changed. Fixed a return to Lua values of some functions. Added a newline of character with the code 13, when the result of the plugin is assigned to the array.

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Returns the script with the specified number to the table, or the current script if the number is not specified.

Fixed the opening of the form of the character’s parameters outside the screen, in the presence of several monitors. Added the ability to reload the plugin with the commands ‘pluginload’, ‘pluginunload’, ‘pluginreload’.

Removed the type of variables when inserting commands into the Uopilot v2.28 script from the drop-down menu.

Coordinates can be only relative. Fixed ‘hint’, broken in the previous version. Flash Flashes in taskbar. Added display of the color channels in the uopilot v2.28 on the button with a “certain” color in hexadecimal format. Those that are available for change 9 piecesas a parameter, take a new value, return the old value including ‘workwindow ‘.


If there is an error or name. Thus in taskbar blinks a window of the Pilot. Lua comments added to syntax highlighting “–“.

UO Pilot Program help

Fixed forced stopping of the Lua script. If there is no folder uopilot v2.28 next to the pilotthe unpacks archive version. Fixed ‘readmem’ and ‘writemem’ in Lua. Added ability to hide most of the interface elements related to Ultima Online. Attention it’s strongly recommended to use this command before following commands.

Added the ability to comment out the line by clicking the LMB on its number, and uncomment it by pressing the LMB again by the number. Uopilot v2.28 the creation of the log when calling procedures. Added return the found color in the third element of the array in the command ‘findcolor’. The return value of the ‘color’ function has been changed to an integer uopilot v2.28. Corrected checkbox “Add spaces”, slightly altered the algorithm.

Also you can use arrays from another script window by setting it name dot script e. Originally Posted by Raspado. Added function to delete stored part of the screen area ‘DeleteImage address ‘.


[Grinding Script][With UoPilot]Tutorial Included

READ ONLY vv2.28 – the handle of the log window, or ‘0’ if it does not exist; uopilot v2.28 – checkbox from the settings “Automatically open the log”, can be ‘0’ or ‘1’; ‘messagesoutputto’ – where output messages: You can set ukpilot in following way: Added the display of uopilot v2.28 names of the scripts, near numbers on tabs. In the mouse clicks, the parameter “nooffset” was added, which allows to ignore the offset specified in the variables “clickoffsetxy”.

The assignment worked only on the calling script. Originally Posted by StahlHeil.

[UoPilot][AFK-Script Releases][NT]

Break [a level] If the level is more 1, interrupts given amount parental cycles. Now he same as well as everywhere ‘random expression ‘. Fixed output found path uopilot v2.28 the command ‘dir’. Originally Posted by Bejine Dude, this thread is from I suggest use Dual Recover potions while grind.