March de la Winni. Sorry it is not easy the story of the album. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. All words by Ian Canty — see his author profile here. Home Age Conversation 2:

the residents fingerprince

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Ian Canty finds the dabs of the Mole Men all over this one………….

fongerprince You Yesyesyes Again 2: Flight of the Bumble Roach. After the first track, the music remains quite minimalistic for the most part, which is not what Primus would sound like, but the sound they would adopt is more the cynical and satirical sound of The Residents, even the vocal delivery is similar.

The Residents: Fingerprince – Album Review

Live in Holland Live at the Fillmore Roadworms: Randy’s Ghost Stories Talking Light: This is made up of a six-part suite which was actually a modern ballet soundtrack of sorts. The album was recorded between —76 and released in It’s also the only tune with drums other than percussion on the 18 minute ‘Six Things to a Cycle. It is strange though it isn’t completely inaccessible either. The band wasn’t as much fun when their collective thinking caps were screwed on so tight, but the full opus sounds more effective in retrospect, despite an obvious instrumental debt to FRANK ZAPPA lots of tuned percussion, so forth.

March De La Winni 0: Melon Collie Lassie The Residents.


Fingerprince – Wikipedia

In the meantime their primitive musicianship was showing signs of improvement, as well as their recording skills.

The music on this suite is much better composed than anything on fingerprinxe first half of the album, and these contrasts make the entire album quite interesting. The record company decided it would be to costly to produce an album like that, so 4 songs were removed from the track list to make this into a single album, then inresidets EP “Babyfingers” was released and contained those missing 4 tracks.

I Am A Resident!

the residents fingerprince

I find something intriguing and enticing about this music. Views Read Edit View history. Its amazing what you can slot into one minute; Residents are masters of this.

The Residents: Fingerprince – Album Review – Louder Than War | Louder Than War

Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all ringerprince items. The first one is Entrance To Crypt finds the Residents firmly in proto-Industrial territory, but the following Clumsy Climb seems its opposite, Funky bass figures nailing down buzzing sounds and shrill Modern Jazz horns. Home Age Conversation 2: The suite is resiidents much a foreshadowing of the masterpiece to come called “Eskimo” and it is interesting to hear how that sound began before it’s maturity.

This transitional album for the group may not be one of their best, but makes up for it in historical importance. In the meantime, I still think it’s an excellent form of early avant-prog music that residsnts you an idea where future bands would get some of their inspiration. However, any setbacks did little to discourage the anonymous collective.


Six Things To A Cycle was originally in 6 parts on the vinyl but is put together as a You Yesyesyes Again The Residents. Forum user Forum password.

Fingerprince (Tourniquet of Roses)

But if you play it for a group of listeners that have not been warned, you will get weird looks and possibly banned from the people who consider themselves normal. Here Tourniquet Of Roses comes from a performance in Norway, which due to transport problems left the band to play for once without backing tapes. Jazz Latin New Age. At the time of recording the Residents were operating in almost total obscurity, but with a rabid creativity and a riot of ideas.

the residents fingerprince

Sorry it is not easy the story of the album. A corrupted spin on the theme tune of The Third Man crops up in You Yesyesyes, joining a a potent musical stew of rhythm box beats, electronic squawks and some excellent spiralling guitar.