You will learn that this “ultra-safe” Radio Active Profit Machine is no more and no less safe than owning an out-of-the-money call option. English Choose a language for shopping. Are You a Small Business Owner? Get to Know Us. High to Low Avg.

the blueprint kurt frankenberg

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It is understood that the participants in TheOptionClub have varying backgrounds and degrees of experience in option trading, and that regardless of experience each member is considered a student. All messages and postings, and any materials circulated are provided for discussion and educational purposes only. June 9, at Synthetic Equivalents For Radioactive Trading Income Methods Every “income method” documented in The Blueprint can be duplicated with a comparable adjustment applied to the call option.

the blueprint kurt frankenberg

These 3 suprising ideas. We have different needs, goals, aspirations, etc. You will learn that this “ultra-safe” Radio Active Profit Machine is no more and no less safe than owning an out-of-the-money call option. Make sales copy easy? On 25 June, I entered into the following trade and closed it out on July 6, with the following results:.

If the use of an in-the-money put as part of a married put strategy intrigues you, consider simply buying an out-of-the-money call option. There is always money at stake.


A review of Radioactive Trading’s “Blueprint” | Naked Options Trader

Kurt Frankenberg’s Radioactive Trading. To each their own I do not trade Mark Espy’s “Wheel of Profit.

the blueprint kurt frankenberg

That’s why we have the open forum. The adjustments consist of selling calls, rolling the puts, etc.

Of course all of this is great on paper, but how does it work when real money is on the line? To derive ultimate benefit, it would be prudent to translate the positions and adjustments from “Radioactive Trading” terminology into the more commonly accepted terms.

Mark Sebastian thinks we’re all crazy if we don’t! It may come as I surprise but so far this year I have invited no one to speak to our group.

Course Review

Sometimes I actually get the dividend and a small profit on the collar on ex-dividend date. I’m sure there are difference between the way Dan Sheridan and I handle things. These trades are not recommendations, I am publishing them for you – our FUSION members to follow along and learn how I attend to risk first and then attend to returns in my personal trading.

Get to Know Us.

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What the Radioactive Trading Blueprint brings to the table is something of a mixed bag. You could get assigned and end up selling your shares for less than your insurance, fraknenberg kind of makes your insurance a moot point. I decided years ago that I’m not going to decide for anyone here what is appropriate for them to see or hear.


They are a perfectly viable options strategy and certainly do serve their purpose under appropriate circumstances. If I started censoring posts here so as to only allow posts that I agreed with, this forum would die off. Radioactive Trading Binder — The Blueprint. The tne is that by locking in the profits from the favorable price move, the investor is no longer at risk of losing their original investment capital.

A married put position simply consists of shares of stock, plus the purchase of a put option. What Kurt Frankenberg has done in The Blueprint is document the application of known option strategies in a methodical fashion. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.