In a B-Spline, you can also change a point’s smoothness—how much of an angle it has, by holding W while dragging. Let’s back up and actually do the work instead of letting the automagical algorithm make all the decisions. Obviously, we have a green screen, so our spill is also going to be green. As you can see here, the matte is a little harsh, but we haven’t introduced too much magenta into the image yet. In those cases, decide where in the blur you want your spline to fall and stick to that decision all the way around and throughout the entire clip. A kind of auto-rotoscope tool.

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I made a separate shape for the thumb because I saw that it closed down over the other man’s hand and therefore moved a little differently than the rest of the fuusion. Remember to add grain to your fixed plate to avoid it looking “stuck on”.

But not humanly possible for long clips, such as an interview: That is, if you are tasked to roto a window behind an actor, don’t try to make a shape for the left side of the window and the actor’s left profile and another for the right side and the actor’s right profile.

Make sure you do this with floating point images because it will produce negative values, and if you’re in int those will get clipped.

As such, it’s an important skill to learn to do well and quickly if you want to show your worth to a visual effects studio. At least, not with these controls. Rotoscoping in fusion tutorial the tool to Saturation mode and try adjusting the thresholds again. A Fuse is a custom node written in the scripting language Lua. Even after I have adjusted the Low and High threshold values to get purer blacks and whites, it is clear that the face and collar will not be part of the matte.


Find the places where a particular piece of him changes direction, or starts or stops moving. It will be present to some degree in any chroma key shot, but Fusion’s Matte Control is a superb means of getting rid of it. I have to admit that I am not an expert with rotoscoping in fusion tutorial, preferring to do most of my matte refinement outside of the keyer.

It’s better than the other built-in tools, but Fusion really needs a decent new keyer. Apply what you know about tracking to automate moving splines.

Set a keyframe at each extreme of motion you see, then go back and check the frames in between, adjusting the spline as needed, then check between the original and the new keyframe, and so on, until the spline is correct on every frame. We’ll return to the topic several times during future lessons. Return to posts index.

Simon Ubsdell tokyo productions hawaiki.

Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying – Bryan Ray

The Chroma Keyer works by sampling the screen color and setting thresholds on all three color channels plus the luminance simultaneously to try to make just that color transparent. Try not to move individual points if you can tutoriaal it.

Obviously, we have a green screen, so our spill is also going to be green. After a few minutes of experimentation, I decided that Ultra Keyer wasn’t going to do any better than the Chroma Keyer and Matte Control I’d already rotoscoping in fusion tutorial up. I’ll try to do a tutorial on this at some point.


Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying

Rotoscoping For this lesson, I have prepared a short greenscreen clip from another of my student projects. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you several hours to roto even a simple shot. By splitting the subject into piece like this articulating ityou can let the computer do more of the work interpolating between extremes.

The result is the noise alone. Since the screen is almost white in the green channel and black in the red and blue, it is highly saturated.

First, the words matte and mask are used mostly interchangeably, although matte is not often used as a verb. Nevertheless, we’ll carry on and see if we can’t salvage something from this footage. Simon; RE the new Fusion planar tracker: I can’t fusjon the life of me remember either of these two gentlemen’s names, but I do remember that they were a delight to work with. Change the Channel control to Green and adjust the Low and High thresholds again to get a somewhat better result.

This is fine for short clips. Sampling the color is done simply by clicking on rotoscoping in fusion tutorial green screen in the Viewport. You can manipulate the animation, setting keys or removing it, by right-clicking the bottom most line in ib Tools panel.