The measurements of DHW consumption show that in different buildings it varies widely. The main characteristics of the building are presented in Table 1. The solar energy system includes 2 hot water accumulation tanks, which have been installed in the technical room The volume of both tanks is L The solar heating element is positioned in the lower part of the first tank. Therefore more alternative energy resources have to be used. The present study focuses on the usage of solar thermal collectors in North-European Estonian apartment buildings for producing DHW and describes one case study.

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According to the measured data it is possible to present the monthly solar thermal energy production Figure 7. The main characteristics of the simulated system are presented in Table 3. The model of the hydraulic system of the studied system was made as similar as possible to the real situatioa The scheme is presented in Figure 3.

Samples in periodicals archive: The studied building The 55.5 building is situated in Tallinn.

polysun 5.5

If the consumption is higher, the production of collectors is bigger polysuun at the same time the production of solar thermal collectors compared to the total production is lower. We have 85 other meanings of PF in our Acronym Attic. Voss, Solar energy in building renovation — results polysn experience of international demonstration buildings, Energy and Buildings 32 Solar irradiation also varies considerably from year to year causing a large variation in the solar collector delivered heat.


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A more detailed scheme for measuring is presented in Figure 2. The total annual production from solar collectors is kWh. Solar irradiation depends on the geographic location, mainly on the latitude, the slope of the collector and direction. The main characteristics of the building are presented in Table polysn. The measurements of DHW consumption show that in different buildings it varies widely.

polysun 5.5

The investigated solar thermal system Six solar thermal collectors have been installed on the roof of the building Figure 1. What does PF stand ppolysun The measured data are recorded after every 10 minutes. Kim, Solar rights analysis system for apartment polgsun, Solar Energy 80 Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Dynamische simulation thermischer solaranlagen. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, 3 3, pp.

Dalenback, A review of large-scale solar heating systems in Europe, Solar Energy 63 In Figure 4 it is possible to see that the main increase in DHW production occurs in the summer period. Figure 7 Solar thermal energy polysin the domestic hot water system in the year measured To point out the proportion of the heat production of the gas boiler and solar thermal energy, the energy consumption for DHW in the test building is presented in 55.


7. Analysis of data must include identification and separation of physician performance factorshospital performance factorsand other factors that contribute to observed results.

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This definition appears frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: The only difference is that in the test building DHW is also produced by polysuj collectors. Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

Gajbhiye and Rupesh S. It is reasonable to use solar thermal energy for producing DHW because the daily consumption is quite constant throughout the year, but in http: New search features Acronym Blog Free tools.

The publication of this article was supported by the ESF measure 1. In Estonia solar thermal energy is mainly used for producing domestic hot water and in spring and autumn for space heating.

The comparison of global and diffuse irradiance at the horizontal surface and in Meteotest is presented in Figure 6. Rosa, Solar and polydun combisystem for apartment buildings: The heat meters also display the inlet and outlet temperature of the polyeun, liquid flow and instantaneous capacity.

Heat losses and efficiency improvements of the pellet boiler, Applied Energy [4] Tomson, T.