At the same time, from March to September the production is not significantly lower than the maximum monthly production. Inside the connection groups the collectors are connected in series Figure 4. The measurements of DHW consumption show that in different buildings it varies widely. If the consumption is higher, the production of collectors is bigger but at the same time the production of solar thermal collectors compared to the total production is lower. Solar irradiation depends on the geographic location, mainly on the latitude, the slope of the collector and direction. At the same time, the consumption of DHW in different buildings can vary considerably.

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polysun 5.5

More detailed characteristics of the studied collectors are presented in Table 2. Figure 7 Solar thermal energy to the domestic hot water system in the year measured To point out the proportion of the heat production of the gas boiler and solar thermal energy, the energy consumption for DHW in the test building is presented in Figure 7. The simulation results are presented in Figure 4 and Figure 5. The comparison of global and diffuse irradiance at the horizontal surface and in Meteotest is presented in Figure 6.

The consumption of DHW can be variable in different buildings and it depends on several factors [6].

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In Figure 4 it is possible to see that the main increase in DHW production occurs in the summer period. The results of the measurements of the solar thermal energy system of the tested apartment building have been presented.


Studies show that there is a huge potential for producing DHW by solar thermal systems in apartment buildings. The results of the measurements were compared to the data of the Estonian test reference year.

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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, 7 1, pp. The model of the hydraulic system of the studied system 5.5 made as similar as possible to the real situatioa The scheme is presented in Figure 3. Samples in periodicals archive: The measured data are recorded after every 10 minutes.

Near the test http: It can be said that in the summer period it is possible to produce a significant part of the DHW with solar thermal collectors.

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Wackelgard, The influence of climate and location on collector performance, Renewable Energy 25 A more detailed scheme for measuring is presented in Figure 2. The DHW system and solar thermal collector are usually designed according to valid local standards.

Collectors are divided into 2 groups, which po,ysun connected in parallel. According to previous studies, solar thermal collectors show potential to popysun the consumption of domestic hot water production [].

Ontario Department of Lands and Forests: Therefore more alternative energy resources have to be used.


The yearly simulations have been done in 5 different cases. Kim, Solar rights analysis system for apartment buildings, Solar Energy 80 When the solar collectors are producing too little energy, the gas boiler ensures that the temperature in tank 2 does not fall. The total annual production from solar collectors is kWh.

Estonian solar energy market uses only flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. What does PF stand for? It is reasonable to use solar thermal energy for producing DHW because the daily consumption is quite constant throughout the year, but in http: Theoretical background There are basically two types of solar collectors: It was built in and was one of the first buildings in Estonia, which installed a solar thermal collector to produce domestic hot water.

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New search features Acronym Blog Free tools. The measurements of DHW consumption show that in different buildings it varies widely. Retrieved December 9 from https: At the same time solar thermal collectors cannot be the only resource for DHW production in North-European countries.

polysun 5.5