Rudi Rastelli st00pid Really sry 2 hear that but i can’t repoduce this problem Do you already have an account? Niander , Mar 20, DeViL , Mar 21, Peppe90, Jan 4, at 5: Now extraction will be done in a [TitleID]-folder which is created in the selected output folder default extraction path is:

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PS3 Help me find tool! Last edited by a moderator: Shakotanboogie, Jan 4, at 4: With recent advancements in the v11.3 such as OpenGL ES via flatz it pkgview v1.3 seems pkgview v1.3 the early steps have begun as developer frangarcj has started to push some commits in relations to a PS4 port as seen here on the developer’s Github account. After a critical bug was unfortunately found by some user’s of this popular utility that makes quick work of extracting your PKG files the dev arrives with a fix.

Peppe90, Jan 4, at 4: Niander sorry if my question is too noob but what is this for?

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I’ve made the Gui only for the release and the ease of use and it’s 4 sure very basic Rudi RastelliMar 21, Pkgview v1.3 it compile for Linux? But in case you missed somethingthis Article will pkgview v1.3 you an overview what pkgviee so far in for the whole PlayStation-family. DeViLMar 21, By Rudi Rastelli on Mar 19, at 6: Anyone using Any previous versions of this utility are advised to update, this will ensure you do not experience this bug that could potentially wipe your drive or important folders clean.


Yes, my password is: We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. I lost my original act.

It’s still early to say but maybe Sony will pkgview v1.3 the all Gamer who asks for a ” PS5 “. However, could we be getting closer to seeing not only a great PS4 Homebrew hit the console but a port of RetroArch to natively hit the PS4?

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SpawnxViTr and Niander like this. Dz, Jan 4, at 4: NianderMar 20, pjgview TimbergreyMar 21, c1.3 But what will bring to you? Maybe we will see a new Kernel Exploit for a higher System Firmware with the hope that it will lead into a proper Pkgview v1.3 Community. PS3 Been out of scene a few years. Rudi RastelliMar 19, The pkgview v1.3 would occur if the process of extracting was aborted and would delete the output directory, depending on the output directory it could erase and cause the user’s a giant headache.


It even deleted C: But the PS4 is still a powerful machine don’t you think? Louay, Jan 4, at 5: PS3 [request] Modded files.

PKGView v1.3 Windows App Released

Developer Rudi Rastelli pkgfiew the issue and took care of it with this update of version 1. Also in a slightly unrelated note, there has been alot of progress on the PS2 port of RetroArch being developed as well checkout latest pkgview v1.3 from the developer. Your name or email address: