There is no fb on nimbuzz. Our team is trying to have this solved as soon as possible. Also I have a problem uploading and downloading pictures, so my problem is generally with pictures. I just moved to docomo and nimbuzz is working fine when I use docomo connection. Jitendra Kumar — Thanks for reporting this issue. Mehrose Due to technical reasons we do not support chatrooms on PC. Neha We are constantly working on new releases that support more devices.

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I am unable to use File Sharing option. Where can i get a trusted version of nimbuzz that works on my lg kg?

Thiwanka Maduranga Chatrooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not on Android based devices like the galaxy. Please help me out.

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Sir how can i get my chat history in my yahoo mail?? I wanna use the nimbuzz chat rooms as in case of mobiles we can use chat in the chat rooms! Rajaguru If your device is not listed we recommend nimbuzz 1.9.5 facebook chatting software to use the Wap version going to wap.


This application is chstting user friendly. Send Files Softwaer behind firewalls Connect with all friends from: Suman Do you face the same issue if you use the Wap version of Nimbuzz? Samsung Wave 3 GT-S You can try to remove the Facebook community once from your Nimbuzz account.

Nimbuzz Update () for your Java Phones available now. – Nimbuzz

I m using nimbuaz N Since when do you face this issue? Send the answer to my email id. There is nothing much we can do about the same currently. You can find the suitable version on our site: Many people have same problem. Can i make nimbuzz free call by using java phones, e.

Are you able to login on the wap version trough your phone browser? In case you still face any issue, please reach out to support nimbuzz.

Some Bada devices are compatible with our Nimbuzz Java version, we encourage you to try it out and download directly from get. So that I install that version in my phone. You can try a few things to enhance its performance: Let us know shamim Which type of nimvuzz do you use? Please do something for us…. Princess — We request you to send your query directly to support nimbuzz. Our team is working in order to have this fixed as soon as possible.


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This feature is available on Android, Symbian, iphone and PC version. However, we have been constantly working with Facebook to resolve this issue at the earliest. Thank you very much. You can try a few things to enhance its performance: You can do the following in order to unlock your Yahoo account and use it via Nimbuzz: Top free Alternatives to Messenger Key for Windows. You can search your device and download this latest version 3. I will be grateful if you can resolve this problem for me.

Subin hutton We do not officially support Linux, but we are aware that facegook users have tried Nimbuzz successfully on Ubuntu and Wine.