As far as controversy, I just love it. I’m actually very bi-polarish — luckily I don’t have the real thing — but I have mood swings pretty often. I’ve always been very much into writing and reading. Elegantly poised between dirty, hard-hitting grooves and an urban sense of romance for pop-lush melodies, Cose Dell’Altro Mondo finds an interstitial home where serious hip-hop heads and pop-enthusiasts can meet. We started popping up everywhere so hopefully they’re getting used to us. Now my songs can really talk about real life situations that affect almost every age, but more than that I’m just glad to make music that anybody, possibly, can enjoy.

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In the past, many of your albums leaned heavier toward the machismo end of the spectrum. And in some sort of way mndo actually did so.

I’ve always been like that. The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of It’s about growing, and I mean that in every possible meaning of the word. It’s part of me now, and it always will be, even if my next 20 years are in China.

One of Italy’s most esteemed and successful rappers, Mondo Marcio continues to broaden his musical horizons with his latest album, a stylistically-diverse effort that captures his freewheeling spirit.

We’re making OUR version of it, but to make a genre like rap become big in the home of the “amore mio” songs, it’s really a big deal to me. Cose Dell’Altro Mondo marcio troppo lontano is also your most visual album — the accompanying music videos have a very strong cinematic feel to them.


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Still using American hip-hop mndo a reference point, Mondo mondo marcio troppo lontano the album with a disparate sense of style that pulls from the cold, clinical shuffles of drum ‘n’ bass and the ghostly atmospheres of dub-reggae to the soaring heights of cinematic pop.

How do you think it is changing? Sometimes you have to shake things up a little, or just look at them from another perspective to see what’s really going on. Take Silvio Berlusconi, most famous one. You are one of the most notable rappers in Italy. What issues are you trying to explore in this song? Now my songs can really talk about real life situations that affect almost every age, but more than mondo marcio troppo lontano I’m just glad to make music that anybody, possibly, ,arcio enjoy.

The 60 Best Songs of playlist Mixed Media. But the other side it’s just the same thing. What plans do lonyano have for your next album?

With such an inauspicious start in life, the rapper was left to fend for himself, trying to keep afloat, rather unsuccessfully, with school and the troubles of a broken family life until inspiration finally hit.

We started popping up everywhere so hopefully they’re getting used to us. I love Nas also; lontqno just the best as far as vocabulary and storytelling.

Many rappers make the jump from music to film and acting. Do you have any plans of a crossover into film? What are your thoughts and ideas? Let me just give you an example. To actually work on a song together, I’m thinking Action Bronson.


Having my own label, and my clothing line monod up soon, It is natural I’m really trying hard to be that guy. Actually it’s one of my regrets.

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For example now I feel mondo marcio troppo lontano years ago I made music for people that were only my age, talking about growing up in tfoppo broken home, and such. Actually got this far to take classes. The authors’ whose works we share with you in PopMatters’ 80 Best Books of — from a couple of notable reissues to a number of excellent debuts — poignantly capture how the political is deeply personal, and the personal is undeniably, and beautifully, universal. What do you make of the reception and attention toward you in Lobtano Can you tell me what your frame of mind was when you went to make Cose Dell’Altro Mondo?

I mean, that’s the world you chose when you approach entertainment.

I mean, honestly I despise false press, but you still can’t be so naive to say that people didn’t warn you.