I would get a refund asap! February 9, at 2: Looks like you have a MB flash drive. So I ran the chipgenius and it states Device Name: CRC failed in bloggybloggy-somefile.

micov mxt8208

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Hi, Thanks Enricoatleast i was on the right track and Udtools did actually work.

I would get a refund asap! July 22, at 6: Can anyone suggest which chip in the list to chose? October 9, at 3: So i am never going to try EBAY unless i am sure that key they sell are not fakes!! micof

micov mxt8208

If you insist on repairing open the flash drive and confirm the chip models numbers and then look for the software. The chip inside is actually MWE. The white one I was able to put back together without cosmetic damage!!

micov mxt8208

Thanks a ton dude. March 28, mxt8028 9: February 21, at 9: We will tell you more about them when we know more…. September 7, at Sounds more like you got a software running on your windows, thats doing that, did you perform low level format?


Dear sumeet i tried that UdTools1. The controller chip is an euAT by eFortune. I am not sure what it really should be. The chip is recognized by UDTools 1.

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April 13, at 7: April 17, at If i were you i will try to get my money back from seller asap, for you are stuck with 2. My Vista machine never saw any stick in any socket.

If in low level formatting you lost half of the MB then there were a lot of bad sectors — low low quality most likely. We are racing to build the new eBay Fake Flash Memory seller lists. November 24, at O well john i see no solution at this stage, cause where you can download the fix from is paid, and in Chinese and no way to make payment via paypal as they do not accept foreign payments.

When I start udtools1.

I can’t flash my MXT

September 18, at 5: October 23, at 2: It was a 32 gigas pendrive. Basically change the device id key info within the [] from the micron id string to the spectek string associated with your chip. Not for one and only files!


They claimed to be 32GB but they are 2GB. I would suggest after doing fake usb key tests, you guys ask for refunds asap from your sellers.