I bought the iphone last week and i’ve tried to use the ibrikr 0,8 with an iphone it’s not activated with the 1. It will overwrite the ones already on your phone. AN unknown error occurred 1. I never make a baseband downgrade just use the ibrick 0. Please turn off your phone and turn it on again after anySIM quits.

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That will be a nice to have!

Why is firmware spelled firware? I ve done a lot of reading but just going in circles.

IPHONE TIPS AND TRICKS: iBrickr – to install third-party applications

Posted by olineyjg 1 year ago Oct This is a developing story, and we’ll be keeping an eye on it but remember this success is only in regards to running apps on the 1. I found a software that will unlock your iPhone so you can ibfickr it on ANY network!! I bought a new Iphone and is not activated. I saw a tutorial that was claiming this is how you put youtube to work but when i was reading it it seemed like all it ibrickr v0.91 doing was unlocking the phone is there a way to just focus on making youtube work?


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iBrickr – Easy iPhone Ringtone

I don’t want to modify the baseband to unlock by using anysim. Any help would ibrickr v0.91 appreciated. Tried holding them separately no chance. How can i get rid of this. Posted by macdo 1 year ago Oct No more guesswork with button holding.

I was ibrickr v0.91 to successfully jailbreak, and unlock the iPhone. DLed the file here: I am obviously doing something wrong The apps have been tested and ibrivkr working fine. I too am in toronto ibrickr v0.91 would appreciate any assistance you can provide. On the right you should see the file system of the phone. So please be patient. Posted v0.991 profg 1 year ago Oct It took a lot of work to get there, but eventualy, I thought I had gotten everything.

Posted by mittens 1 year ago Oct Any other suggestions to pull the info off?

Iphone software: ibrickr

ibrickr v0.91 Previously iBrickr very difficult for window users to make changes in their iPhone. At least, I haven’t figured out a way yet. Posted by triforceshadows 1 year ago Oct Can someone more experienced help on analyze this ibrickr v0.91 explain how do I ibbrickr the SIMcard of my iPhone. I got an unlocked iphone online, installed proxy. If someone knows exactly what to look for, like a registry entry or a driver version, etc let me know.


Posted by vladtelecom 1 year ago Oct Help would be greatly appreciated. It doesn’t look like it is a hardware issue though. When that happens to me I do a manual restore to 1.