Nangako si Itay na dadalhin kami ni Inay sa Maynila. Marimar says yes but adds that he left them. Napapaniwala mong buntis ka at nakunan. He tells everyone who cares to hear that he knows her. The cute baby seems to listen attentively. He introduces himself to Cruzita as grandfather Gustavo and asks the permission of Marimar whether it is OK for her daughter to call him that.

hay naku pusoy nalilito

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Sergio says that something has changed in Innocencia, a pity since she used to be quite pretty, intelligent, loyal and full of confidence.

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Again the doctor warns Angelika to make good on her promise or else he will be forced to tell Renato the truth. Renato grabs her face and aims the mirror shard at her. Nagsusumikap para magkaroon ng magandang puzoy.

hay naku pusoy nalilito

He puts Marimar down and orders those around to call an ambulance. Marimar tells her aunt that she would rather stay in the bodege to avoid Natalia besides their constant bickering is really quite embarrassing especially to her father.

hay naku puso’y nalilito songs lyrics

A few miles away Marimar who is now carrying Cruzita is also remembering happier times with Sergio. Kim tells him that she understands. Meantime Sergio is with Kim and he apologizes to her. Marimar continues to apologize to Natalia in her room as she tries to wipe off the stain of the red wine.


Kaya sisguraduhin ko na mapalaki ko siya ng maayos kahit mag-isa lang ako. Esperanza advises her that they should look for Gustavo and tell him her story at once. But you look so overdressed.

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They are in the kitchen and everyone is rooting for Bella to be the real Marimar. Binigay ko kay Itay. Corazon clarifies that he just wants to ask questions and not buy her fish.

She talks directly to Natalia who is now also in tears telling her that she knows the truth. Esperanza and Gustavo meet her but both hold generic expression on their faces.

Tingnan mo lang o, inubos nya ang laman ng tindahan! Paano kung gusto niyang balikan si Sergio? At first both have been caught unawares but Angelika quickly gains her wits about her introducing Richard to Dr.

I remember when Nicandro stole it from Marimar and handed it to Nalipito, she threw it away calling is a cheap fake. They got married yesterday, thus the suicide attempt. She bumped herself somewhere and is not a big deal. Sino ang nasa panganib? From a distance, Natalia is peeking, worried but not yet about to give up. She is happily talking to Cruzita as she gets ready for work.


Hay naku pusoy nalilito lyrics

Esperanza runs after her. Meanwhile, Sergio is back at the restaurant to an obviously annoyed Kim.

hay naku pusoy nalilito

She nallilito it firm, pointing at Renato. She says that their staff have been knocking on naju door the whole day but she seems to not hear them. Who are your parents? He gives her some books to help her learn to read.

Marimar looks on and in her head she is saying how pretty Natalia looks. Now he knows that she just pretended to be pregnant and he hits her again and again. Bella has integrity and principles declares Gustavo Aldama.

hay naku pusoy nalilito

She bought food and they are about to eat.