Multimagyar , Oct 15, Brawl Moderator posts. It can be found here: Once cleaned up it should do nicely. Thank you and best Regards Alex.


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Made some corrections to the sample code I posted.

3d question

Game maker and I have to revert to 8. Log in or Sign up.

I wouldn’t have to mess with switching to cones or anything that way as well. I basically have a group for everything without using that feature.

I don’t know what all of those functions are used internally to your system, but hopefully it will not be too much.

The SentientOct 14, Azurexis – Over a year ago Thank you so fucking much man!!! I installing the new version of GMS2 and testing right now No, create an account now. Thats not my problem at the moment, i didnt even get the objects to work, the variable z keeps annoying me: This helped me a lot!


Can you share the model file instead? Please use the middle mouse click on the function name to open the script and read the comments therein. Dec 11, Posts: Original Games posts. I am here if you need customisation. Gm ModelFix is made with gamemaker.

3d question – YoYoGames Forums

Basically, how you want your output data formatted. The SentientOct 13, Open the text file the addon created and select everything there, then create a new script in your GameMaker project, name it something appropriate, and paste the model data into the script. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. If you are planning on light particles, consider using sprited lights which are way more efficient You will need to change the extension to.


Super Guy posts. When you talked about the model being 3 Pixels wide you could add scaling to increase the size of it Or, you could increase the size of it in AC3D. The model does appear in fixer just fine. You will have to talk to brett on that one. This option flips the exported model by mirroring it on the Y axis.



You just orient your models differently and treat the X-Y plane as a terrain map. There is apparently a way to setup group property parenting but I was not really able to make that work. Yes, my password is: This is a great engine! I lost my password.

YView, 0 Converted builtin: This option will only appear if you are exporting the model as a GML script. The lightning is not important, so i deleted it.