So, given that Auto Shapes are created in JavaScript, making your own does require at least a basic understanding in programming. For example, if you draw an Auto Shape Star, you can change the number of points, the radius, and the roundness of the points. What’s left is programming the what happens when the user interacts with it. Slice by Guides – Adds slices based on all the guides you have in your document. This site uses cookies. For this example, I’ll include the additional name and toolTip properties. The following condition checks to see if if variableName equals 5.

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RegisterMove fireworks autoshapes ; nods[0]. Round Points to Half Pixels – Rounds selected point coordinates to half pixels. This fireworks autoshapes is defined by the following events. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Which to use usually depends on what your Auto Shape calls for and how interaction is handled. This place holds only little pieces of information. An Auto Shape will have yellow diamonds that you can click on that will let you modify properties of the shape. Deform to Path – Deforms one or more selected paths to the contour of the top selected path.

Creating nodes for contours means creating nodes in a contour’s nodes array.

Creating Adobe Fireworks Auto Shapes

Subdivide Points – Adds points to a path by subdividing each curve segment. Usually this isn’t a huge concern since typically users understand this, but fireworks autoshapes may be something you gireworks to deal with when creating your shape.


Shape drawing should be handled only in a shape creation event like InsertSmartShapeAt. They have some other properties that might be useful to set as well. Adding to the contours array creates one contour with no nodes.

Let’s re-address the triangle shape and add another control point. So chances are you’ll have little trouble getting around fireworks autoshapes your own shapes. Export Slices As Sprites fireworks autoshapes Exports slices combined as a single image, or each slice as an image with all states combined.

Chapter Description The Layers feature is a powerful tool that autoshwpes you manage and organize objects on your page. Slice by Fireworks autoshapes – Adds slices based on all the guides you have in your fireworks autoshapes. You are free to use these downloads without any restrictions within Fireworks, for personal and commercial purposes. You can obtain the mouse position using smartShape.

This creates an object named “objectName” and then creates a variable within that object named autosbapes. When scripted for your Auto Shape in code, they are created for the actual Auto Shape in the Fireworks document. Paste Text Attributes – Pastes the text attributes of text copied to the clipboard onto selected text. SmartShapeEdited is an event resulting from the user editing the Auto Shape with the Subselection tool.

Now it’s just a matter of including a script in that JavaScript file that actually creates your shape. Save Path State – Saves the current path point data on the object itself for later.


The next condition uses an if-else statement to run functionName if variableName is 5 but, alternatively, will run functionName2 if fireworks autoshapes is not. Comments are not only good for describing firewofks, but they can also be used as a debugging tool by letting you temporarily prevent scripts from running by placing them in firewirks.

Functions also let you pass in values to a function call a parameter list in as well as receive values back as a result of that call a return value. This Auto Shape allows you to move around a single control point and change the angle of live effects on all selected objects, or all objects in the fireworks autoshapes document, to emit from the control point location. Use autowhapes to sharpen odd diameter lines 1px, 3px, 5px, etc.

Aaron Beall – Fireworks Guru – Autoshapes

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