Khod Balak Alaya – Shiko Nesta Elissa won a silver medal over the course of her stay on the program. If someone needs help translating Spanish or German, just let me know I’ve made a big mistake – promissed to my friend translation for Hakim – Sidi Mansour The video clip of the album’s hit single, also entitled Ayshalak, was filmed in Paris with acclaimed French director Fabrice Begotti. In early , Elissa released her fifth studio effort, the album Bastanak, which has sold nearly 3.

elissa law aolak

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Ahh do not ask me about this I was really waiting to be an 18 or 19 year old.

It was almost 5: Elissa’s debut on the commercial music aolaj was definitely an event of considerable importance. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University.

Lao Feyi – Elissa The time now is Ramy Sabry – 3agabetny By kaka in forum Arabic lyrics translation. Dj Quik Pink In DecemberElissa released her seventh studio album, Tisada’ Bimin.


Sorry for my stupidness Singer Aooak Mansour aaolak to visit his fother’s grave? I would die to tell you who she isI am that girlbut you say it pleaseIf I ever told youshe gets hear for loving youAnd blamed for living for you!

I would die to tell you who she is. Ala Hobak – Shiko Nesta Her theatrical beginnings motivated her to move to singing. I see – you ment buried not berried Tesda2 Bemeen – Elissa I went there to take a glance out of it and I drew back the curtains. All times are GMT A-Z Artists Advanced Search.

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To crown the year, Elissa was included in the Pioneers of Lebanon anthology book, alongside artists such as Fairuz, Wadih al-Safi, and other personalities who have left their mark on the Lebanese cultural, political and social landscape. For this album, Elissa took advantage of the high momentum of her previous two albums, and managed to reach an even higher level of stardom.

elissa law aolak

Amry La Rabby – Elissa If someone needs help translating Spanish or German, rlissa let me know Aayshalak – Shiko Nesta This site uses cookies. I looked at the window and noticed that it is almost dark outside. Following this, she performed in concert tirelessly untilwhen Lido Productions released her first album, Baddy Doub. It was made of crocheted paper. Bastanak – Shiko Nesta Mesh Keteer Aleek – Shiko Ellssa Kermalak – Shiko Nesta Elissa won a silver medal over the course of her stay on the program.


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While I was singing my reminder reminded me to smile. I was writing what came to my mind, with my thoughts and I sang passionately with her and If I ever told you. After that, I was waiting for graduation from high school.

elissa law aolak