I like the more realistic gameplay in the fifa 07 demo, so I think that when EA conquers the gameplay challenge, nobody will be able to say anything against it. You should add important teams who made performance like: I think instead of putting all the teams in fifa08,it is better to concentrate only on these teams which are higly ranked. Goodness sake, please dont go for fires in the crowd, animated crowd, streakers, people running onto the pitch, fighting, all that rot. Football isnt a science its the greatest and most simplest most natural sport out there. You should fix the crowd, put more flags,or smoke, all that things. What are the bugs in FIFA 07?

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I suggest that in making fifa08,fifa gameplay should be kept in mind.

How FIFA could be more realistic? I think there should be a colombian soccer league. Please also do not submit any ideas, suggestions or comments regarding the subjects to our Voting Polls.

Your Ideas for FIFA 08

Diviiza assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If I should play like I did in the past days, I see a big chance for me to win this tournament. How should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams be in the next version of FIFA? I think that you should put more minor leagues like first Croatian League.

Many people on this thread must be armchair skytv fans, or people who at least have never been to a game of football live. Add leagues from concacaf and conmebol — Mexico league — Chilean league — Brazilian league — Argentinean league — Uruguay league — Paraguay league — Rest of south america league — Copa Libertadores mode.


And why Austrian league in the game but Ukrainian not?!

Liga 1 burger fifa 08 free, divizia a fifa 08 divizia a torent, download patch divizia a fifafifa completo pc portugues, divizia a fifa Tambien dos copas que son muy importante a nivel sudamericano que ya deberian estar en fifa: Some tournaments could be added like world cup, euro, African Cup and then Confederations Cup.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I like the more realistic gameplay in the fifa 07 demo, so I ffifa that when EA conquers the gameplay challenge, nobody will be able to say anything against it.

SK Gaming | Content: EA Team Dignitas FIFA 08 Challenge

I think you should include Ukrainian League and not only because i am ukrainian. Argentian, Chilean, Uruguay iffa Paraguay Leagues. They are the current Euro champs. The best thing about FIFA 07 that outweighs its previous versions, is that its easy to pick up and have a kick around.

At the very least, they should allow you to create teams for your own leagues and not to replace teams in other leagues as is the current situation. Fifa pc full game. Download divizia a burger fifa 08 The TV on the other would be able to cope by divizia a fifa 08 company, may have Intel, especially since Intel is is the most important issue hard.

FPRL 08 v[Summer Edition] | FIFApro | Liga I in FIFA

There should be a block with the team colours. Fida players from all over the world competed today, so the connections weren’t the best, but won’t be in the final as well. Customized captian armband for the English Premier League. Log in to SK Gaming. A god idea is that in the next version of the game there could including the umpires, both the principal umpire and the assistants. Second the ability to create a user defined camera as you can in Madden would make the game more enjoyable.


There should be a indicating panel which shows the real divizia a fifa 08 of the game. Every day of vacation this system is reducing injury-stats to 10 percents of this results to basic. I am 11 years old.

I think they should be a way to program it so you can have a team qualify from one tournament to the next in the same year that come from leagues that have opposite seasonal divizia a fifa 08 or champions cup. The thing you guys need to do is to build a game with the pro evolution series gameplay or you will never be respected bye the real football fans.

Bring Back Free kicks mode with the circle option to give spin and power to the ball, that method is more realistic and accurate from a Pro soccer player view.