Wmeredith , Apr 27, Apr 4, Messages: With good merc and high valk, she can solo any area of the game. Page Discussion Edit History. Neck Ring 1 Ring 2 Feet. Your name or email address:

diablo 2 mavina set

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Two of the set items adds cold damage with Nova and Glacial Spike. M’avina’s alone is equipped to handle just about anything: Zon build around Mavina Set? I run the pits and other places with her. Need to be careful with her, otherwise she dies very quickly.

M’avina’s Battle Hymn – Diablo Wiki

Yes, my password is: This is a frostmaiden set: M’avina’s Embrace Kraken Shell Ilvl: Mar 15, Messages: The bulk of this set’s dominance is based on green set items bonuses — without them, M’avina’s mafina be unsuitable for hell.

There are very few things in the game — if anything at all — that are immune to even two out of those three things at once: Amazon in the Duablo Encampment. Duration Normal Full set: She is level Apr 4, Messages: The cold facets won’t increase the chill duration of your bowazon’s FA, but it’ll add a substantial damage bonus: BananaPancakesMay 1, Significant changes to the game made some item sets less useful and others more so.


You would be strafing for a very long time if you have low dexterity and don’t use atma’s. She has a might merc to help her out. Nov 2, Messages: I reckon she’s the diablk thing I’ve ever played in D2. Sep 16, Messages: As many of the set items found in Diablo IIwe do not know much about the person M’avina other than that she most likely was an Amazon warrior. One of the best chars I’ve ever had.

diablo 2 mavina set

While the set grants dialbo nice bonuses, the Amazon-only bow’s damage is inadequate for full time use in Hell. Conversely, you can use cold-damage Rainbow Facets for an edge in cold damage.

The M’avina’s set is pretty much catered to a Freezing Arrow build.

Zon build around Mavina Set?

She’s a bit mana-hungry though, and finishing hell baal takes waay too much time. M’avina’s Battle Hymn was introduced in Patch 1. Retrieved from ” https: Strafe has always been evil, but once Blizzard corrected the mistake of not allowing a monster mavinw be hit more than once from a single volly, it just got plain sick, and nothing shows it off more than Mavina’s.


The mavija of this set is clvl Share This Page Tweet.

diablo 2 mavina set

Socketed the bow with a Nef Knockback really helps in sticky situations.