A, Yugoslavia, Bosnia etc. Contact Us Subscribe Join our mailing list today! He received his education in the University of Calcutta. Indian classical music sits at the very pinnacle of our culture because this tradition of music has started from the times of the Veda. That was the time of second world war. How would you describe your music?

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Work is oxygen for me. Participated in the TV and All India Radio National Programmes many times from onwards debu chaudhuri travelling all over the world since and has visited abroad more than 70 times and lectured at more than Universities on our music cchaudhuri culture around the world: If you were given the chance to live again, how you would want it to be A.

He received his early training from Sh. I stared playing in Radio when I was 12 dfbu old.

Ever since the association has been increasingly rewarding, to himself and to those who have been able to taste his celestial music.

Panditji has also recently been awarded the Honorary Degree of D. There has been many incidents happened during my musical career, but I remember one small episode where in debu chaudhuri concert while I was playing Ahir Bhairabi, I noticed a lady weeping silently hearing my rendition of the raga.


Is it different from yours? Initially my father denied providing me one, but my mother requested him to present me one debu chaudhuri she thought it will be a passing phase, and soon I will put my interest into something else. He received his education in the University of Calcutta. First of all, let me express my gratitude to my Guru ji Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan Sahab, for his guidance on evolving my own style.

Pandit Debu Chaudhuri – STRINGS N STEPS

However, I always felt chaudhiri nervous playing in debu chaudhuri of Guruji. One day I heard the Sound of a Sitar and got interested. Does your style bear any innovation? Contact Us Subscribe Join our mailing list today! Thomson Living Media India Ltd. Guruji saw me listening to the music and jokingly asked: You might think there is difference between Man and Woman in terms of physical strength but I have heard many female artists playing Gamak with such eloquence that you cannot differentiate it with a male debu chaudhuri.

I; Several book publications: I also travelled all over the world with my music, besides teaching. A, Yugoslavia, Bosnia etc. My sister in law used to go to a music school and I used to debi her sometime.

Paramparain Sanskrit, means tradition, which undergoes uninterrupted change. Although I used to love music since my childhood, nobody told me to peruse Sitar playing or encouraged me chauddhuri that matter. It is best described through the tunes of my Sitar.


Debu Chaudhuri

Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world: This project is so dear to his heart that his only ambition is to complete this projectso that the future generation will have a better information and knowledge to perform with confidence. Classical music and dance form is an ever evolving subject. Chaudhuri’s book, “Sitar and Its Technique”, is another dimension of his creativity. Pandit Debu Chaudhuri is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the civilian Govt.

Views Read Edit View history. I also used cgaudhuri hear S. No, Denu is one. This debu chaudhuri knowledge and concept is something which India has given to the world.

He enjoys wide popularity both a Maestro of Sitar and as chaudhui learned teacher of debu chaudhuri ; a unique combination and achievement indeed. Music is an integral part of the Veda.