I like to walk alone, that way I can talk with the wind. Sometimes doctors come to visit me With ghost costumes to try to cheer me up Because I suffer from disorders. I go with two fairy godmothers flying above me, Carrying little syringes filled with vitamins with morphine. Para poder matar el hambre, desayuno cereal con sangre. Come, little friend, get close to me; The scissors that I carry are for cutting the garden.

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And to treat me from afar]. I am not at all attractive, much less photogenic. I like to give wrong directions So that people always arrive late to their destination.

On hiatus and caloe Hasta que mis venas se inunden, Pues me la paso haciendo muecas y la gente se confunde. We know that there is a disbalance in our heads. Para poder matar el hambre, desayuno cereal con sangre.


Behind closed doors, I collect dead people. I’m glad you like my translations. I have never had sex, like a nun in a convent. I am a serial killer, like the ones in miniseries.

Mi mejor amigo es un payaso que me aconseja; Tiene ojos dsquizofrenico rana y vive dentro de mi oreja. Cutting you into little pieces esquizofrenixo these very scissors, Putting you into plastic bags and storing you in the freezer.


Calle 13 – John, El Esquizofrénico by miguelx | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Nunca he tenido sexo como una monja en un convento. I learn Spanish with them: I am in a good mood, very happy, with good breath. La gente piensa que yo estoy enfermo Porque corro por la ciudad con mi cuaderno, Hablando con los perros, Con pantalones cortos y unas botas de vaqueros, Un paraguas en la mano y un sombrero de torero. I look up songs that I understand, too, especially if they have references and allusions to joohn things. We also know that there is a disbalance in our bullring.


Cuando me dan calle 13 john el esquizofrenico episodios empiezo a sudar sodio Y grito muy fuerte para poder sacar el odio. Songlations English translations of Spanish song lyrics since My first impression of this line is something along the lines of: I go with two fairy godmothers flying above me, Carrying little syringes filled with vitamins with morphine. She is a beautiful girl with a violet face.

I am only 13 years old. This is another example of Calle 13 combining storytelling, creepiness, and violent tendencies. My body is all scarred up With deep cuts and first-degree burns. I speak Spanish but it’s always better to make sure your guess is somewhat accurate. Thank you for this! My best friend is a clown who gives me advice; He has the eyes of a frog and lives inside my ear.


When I get episodes, I calle 13 john el esquizofrenico to sweat sodium And I yell very loudly to be able to get all the hate out of me. It seems to be influenced by The Nightmare Before Christmaswith at least one Edward Scissorhands reference, and some of the scenes described preempt the film ParaNorman. Estoy de buen humor bien contento con buen aliento.

We also know that there is a disparity in our arena. Until my veins are inundated, Well, I spend my time making faces and people get confused. Keep calm, although I know that I can explode Suddenly like a mine in the second world war. Soy un paciente mental, lo admito, Pero eso no te da derecho esqukzofrenico mirarme de reojo Y a tratarme de lejitos.