See what I said about uselessly long songs? You’ve heard that riff in Aspect a hundred times before on the album, you’ve heard far better mellow bits before, you’ve heard that melodic, proggy-ish lead bit in a hundred other vaguely epic metal bands. Be’lakor present us in “Stone’s Reach” with the epitome of progressive death metal. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Review by Brendan Amos – www. Stone’s Reach Vinyl Remaster. Purchasable with gift card.

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If you have any love for progressive metal and can handle the low, growled vocals, this is for you. Write your own review. While this could have constituted a hardly thirty seconds still useless, though interlude on most recordings, here the band extended it to five times this length.

BE’LAKOR LYRICS – “Stone’s Reach” () album

The only totally unworthy track is the acoustic instrumental Husks, which only consists in the repetition of the same three bars for almost three minutes. Be’lakor present us in “Stone’s Reach” with the epitome of progressive death metal.

There is variation to be found everywhere one looks. This is one of those rare perfect albums.

Stone’s Reach – Wikipedia

The lyrics and titles are introspective and interesting, and the band sounds like they’ve been at this for a decade minimum. Instrumentally, it doesn’t get any better than this: I haven’t had much luck in hearing decent Australian melodeath these past years, in fact I can’t ever remember a standout band of this sub-genre to emerge belakor stones reach that corner of the world. Be’lakor bring the riffage.

The guitar-centric sound helps to focus geach attack and hold your attention. The thing is, Stone’s Reach quenches a thirst I didn’t even know I had.

Be’lakor – Stone’s Reach Review

I am reminded of a mix of Opeth’s more exciting, progressive death moments and the veneer of Dark Tranquillity when listening to this. Unlike some recent albums in the genre the last Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium albums, to name a fewStone’s Reach holds my interest and doesn’t put me to belakoor.


Please read the disclaimer. And it is this ideal that the band enforce in full throughout the album. Not to say this is really bad, though.

From Scythe To Sceptre I knew you some years before Deep in prayer under bough Futile sighs in vital skin Your flesh caressed by night Yet change came quickly A bruise in the air, it staggered within Sweet sickly rot Black wound infection King, slave, child Belakor stones reach fates are united An unending row to the grave A single dance now, all eyes are shut Blind to the earthly Begging feach to forget who I am Emperor, your sword is useless Shattered crowns so swiftly Fragile as the scythe Aching bones cling to swollen limbs Despair floods all senses The world is dying around me Gaping in mirth, his old eyes spoke Where you are now – I belamor was And what I am now – you srones will be Nothingness awaits you Begging now to regain what I’ve lost The tale of life is but a picture A flash in an abyss, a dream in the void See that there is no meaning, Understand eternal sotnes You long now to try what you once feared But the time is gone and dust will be your legacy 3.

I hope folks don’t mind if I squeeze some invisible oranges on the train. This cd is a masterpiece precisely because of these features. This lulls you into a brief sense of calm until the riffage kicks in. Held In Hollows Through tainted mass A scourge unseen Brought three winters forth Belaor set between After these hundreds of years The embers and fate will collide Her rotten heart has burst And shattered through dead wood When they belakor stones reach from the belakor stones reach, the end was near Tracing paths that once ran alone and pure Suffused within, the blighted decay Belakor stones reach snapped into dust, teach splinters fall But a tithe to the wind, his frail grasps Clawed for the moon then came undone When all hope fails in the last broken bough Her strength will be gone Churning ash and husks in the bitter winds Crack the earth and burn the sky A wry procession of hubris Where nothing remains But everything changes Stone’s Stoned Vinyl Belakor stones reach.


George Kosmas has a brutal if average growl, but it’s mixed just right and justfully anchors the rrach dreaminess of the compositions. It’s got a very Amon Amarth-ish vibe, which is fine, it’s a pull-all-stops-out attempt at being as epic and massive as possible, and that’s admirable, belaokr it also borrows a lot from the Opeth school of awkward transitions and overlong songs, which isn’t really good news.

Purchase includes high-res album booklet, containing album art and lyrics.

Stone’s Reach by Be’lakor. Each track delivers to us so many different facets of metal as to make description difficult. SMiMAugust 2nd, Every time I listen to this track, I belakor stones reach transported to that dark, cold cave – truly a great experience. The only other slight downside on the album is a couple of rough segues which are frustrating because aside from these tiny glitches, I hear next to zero flaws on an album that could well be the pinnacle of Melodic death is only as interesting as the riffs make it.

This in-the-studio video from Allegaeon provides an up-close view of their fleet-fingered death-metal wizardry. Held In Hollows 6.